Wake up or your screwed !

Waking up.10 Signs That You’re Fully Awake

The world keeps turning the rapture has yet to take us we still find ourselves in the daily fight against “The Man“.

Those of us that have been awakened and have been researching the many different events and the conspiracies that have been and are being concealed see it all as a connected larger picture.

We watch the news like hawks scouring each story for the telltale signs of the elite cabals of the world  involvement in the headlines. We see the lie machine cranking propagandized BS and feel compelled to act.

The search for the truth is never ending and for many it has become almost a new religion.

In spite of much ridicule we persist with  dogged determination unrivaled by many Why?

The truth is what drives us and history is our teacher. It has shown us the murky world of politics, the greed and corruption that infests globalized corporations.

The internet has leveled the playing field. Today it is easy for those that witness such crimes and conspiracies. we can post online and people can be directed to research in a specific area. I find that pointing someone in the direction and letting them find their own conclusion gives them a sense of empowerment that cannot be matched by talking and explaining.

This brings me on to the topic of this post, waking others and what can be done?

Those of us that have followed the alternative narrative for a short time or a number of years know all the big names.

Alex Jones and the prison planet boys and girls have been bringing us their spin on the news and shady goings on for almost a decade. They have had great success and have become leaders in the field so much so that the larger MSM networks now feature Alex and his stories with increasing regularity.

prison planet.com

We see numerous blogs and other social media pages attempting to wake others growing in number and popularity.

This threat was largely ignored by many that wish to hide truths until it was too late, the popularity of Alex Jones and alike has become their protection. “They” know if he were to be taken out it would create a martyr to the cause.

This has however lead to a more covert form of action. With more and more regularity his content is being removed from the web. Others have also been targeted we have the Assange fiasco and most recently Brandon Raub.

So what can the everyman do?

We must take responsibility for the truth we so adamantly seek and with that we must accept the challenge of trying to wake as many as possible.

This, as many have experienced, is a difficult task. Many fear ridicule and many more fear the truth.

The truth represents the death of their sleeping life system of belief
and is such a huge paradigm shift it is just too much for many.

If we are to wake an increasing number of minds we must employ the very tactics used by the enemy. We must use the principles of a guerilla war ‘a cyber-guerrilla operation’ if you like.

I am not talking about hacking and such like, that we can leave to the boys and girls of Anonymous.

We must, like the NWO,  try and embed our message in as many forms of popular media as we possibly can. We can take the tools created to work against us and use them for our purposes. We see this with the use of Facebook .

Facebook a system created to harvest your data, yet if you are smart you can work around it and get your message out to masses.

All social media pages should contain solid facts backing our beliefs this will give the movement more credibility and these should be shared frequently. Video hosting sites should have as much content uploaded as possible we must try to match and surpass the rate at which they are being taken down.

Blogging, like we here at wordpress is crucial. Print and radio are also great outlets.Do what you can how you can.

We must however use caution; we must remember if we are to wake people we must be gentle with our message. Guide people to their own research, it is harder for someone to deny themselves once they have found truth.

I would be very interested in people’s ideas as to what we could do, how we should go about it and maybe projects for likeminded individuals so we could work together.

We (the conspiracy nuts) are increasingly accurate with our ideas and reports; we just need more people to know. If we can achieve this we could see ourselves making some real change and getting results.

A typical days read for the awakened mind:

shining light of democracy that US of A, don’cha think…? RNC Sham 2012 – YouTube

Endless Madness …

Why In The World Are They Spraying – Full Documentary MUST WATCH!!

Controlled Worldwide Economic Collapse

Urban Warfare Drills: Psy-Op Acclimating Americans to Military on US Streets

Public Schools Use RFID Chips to Track and Punish Students For Pre-Crime

‘New World Order’ TSA/Gestapo Thugs

Eugenicists Use DNA and Genetic Research to Push Depopulation Agenda

UK puts Assange’s lawyer on ‘inhibited person list’

Conspiracy, and the Disease of Reflexive Cynicism

Conspiracies within Conspiracies

22 thoughts on “Wake up or your screwed !

  1. It’s an ages-old problem with two faces (a) disbelief and (b) apathy.

    They got it in one in that ‘Titanic’ movie—the complete disbelief at the beginning (stage a): “This ship can’t sink. No, I don’t believe it, you’re tweaking me, this ship CANNOT sink!” (So there.)

    Followed in quick order by stage (b) “Well, the officers know what they’re doing (Ooooh look at the pretty rocket!”) so I’m gonna sit here with a whiskey and listen to the band.”

    The final stages are (c) realisation (“EEEEK!”) and (d) utter panic; and let’s not visit stage (e), it isn’t pretty and involves mortality.

    Right now we are still in stages (a) and (b).

    To get people beyond these stages cannot be done by blogging, it requires face-to-face talking by someone who can both deliver and motivate.
    Blogging can provide back-up, stores of facts, guidelines; and the web itself can get people in touch and maintain networks. Sadly the necessary changes require Ron Pauls—sadly there aren’t all that many of them.

    And now to watch that video …

  2. Strategic education in specific areas should be a high priority. Tyranny Watch isn’t associated with any particular group, but the one thing we admire about Occupy Wall Street is their focus on what they call “teach-ins”. Far too many people are ignorant of the basics and confused about the more complex issues. That’s why semi-regularly, we put out entries in a series of “info-blogs” called “The Matrix of Terms”. Another thing that will add strength, credibility, and community is face to face interactions with local truth seekers and liberty lovers. We’ll have to get off the computer and take that risk of personally meeting someone. Another is respectfully keeping each other accountable and having integrity in everything we do. It is also important to keep good on our promises and oaths. If we say we’re going to do something, then we are bound by our word to do it. Last but not least, I know this may sound stereotypical or hippy-ish, but we must have brotherly/sisterly love. So much to say but little time or space!

    • I am with you 100% Its sticking to an older set of values where ones word is a bond.
      They have ” see something say something” we have “see something tell everyone” so we must make sure that the facts are correct.
      Nothing puts people of faster than something full of misinformation and errors.Which is kind of Ironic as the mainstream is full of lies yet seem to get away with it!!

  3. This was a very entertaining article, as it is an issue with which many of us have struggled. The negative reactions I have received at times, certainly made exploring different methods worth while. However, I honestly do not believe there is any one single approach that works best. Just like with teaching, I have found that different approaches reach different people. I think that the best we can do is just create a dialogue, get used to rejection, grow thicker skin, learn different approaches, and get better at reading people. We just need to get out there and practice.

  4. I feel that there are many humanity workers on WordPress. We are gathering together to heal the world one moment at a time. All of us appear to be seeking authenticity collectively…trying to balance humanity’s collective feminine and masculine…balancing the sun and moon, light and dark, yin and yang of humanity.

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  6. Your site is awesome, I’m a retired Lecturer living in Scotland and am thinking about voicing the truth in public backed up with my own printed flyers to hand out, I have two blogs trying to get the truth out there. keep up the good work.

  7. Reblogged this on realmanure and commented:
    What do you feel about the news reports you receive? Are you finding it difficult to discern what is real and what is copy, pasted, and made into a stew of confusion?

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