The Fondue Party.Guest writers on the cheese.

To all the fellow bloggers out there.

We at “The Cheese” have decided to expand our content. We have been working on the idea of featuring guest writers.

We would very much like to hear other peoples view points, ideas on new stories, breaking news and anything thing else that fits with the social political theme of our blog.

For each writer that provides us with an article we publish, we at “The Cheese” will create a unique cartoon for that post, full published credit and links to the writer’s page will be posted.

If you have an interest in working with us @ The Daily Cheese please comment and we will return comment with our contact information.

Look forward to hearing from you all.

The Daily Cheese (

Rules for Guest Blogging:

1) The blog post should contain more than 300+ words, with informative content.

2) As per the post content, related images are not mandatory for every blog post but kindly email the images or links of images you would like posted on the blog.

3) You should be the original Author of the blog post. If at a later date it is found that you have copied the article from some other place or you are not the original author, then the post will be deleted and you will be banned from posting any further articles.

4) No duplicate posts are encouraged.

5) Kindly ensure below factors while writing the post.

No affiliate links

No self-promotion

No degrading material

No duplicate content

No malicious back links.

19 thoughts on “The Fondue Party.Guest writers on the cheese.

  1. Hi, thanks for inviting me. And for the cartoon offer!

    As soon as I will have inspiration for a blog post which belongs here I will send it.

    • sounds great.Leave a message here and we can exchange contact info.
      I do have ideas for posts but if you would like to choose your own topic that is cool, it takes a few days to create a cartoon once we have a post and we do like contributors to have full input and approval before we publish.hope we can do something together in the future.

      Many thanks

      The Cheese.

  2. Hi, I understand that it takes some time to create a cartoon.

    I don’t know yet when I am will write my guest post. Today? Tomorrow? Later? For instance, my latest post which is on a punk rock band is probably not so good for The Daily Cheese as not so many people know that band 🙂

    Thjanks again, and you will see when I will leave a messaage here.

  3. Hi, I have written a guest blog post .

    But it seems I cannot send it to you with the HTML codes of links etc. intact.

    Maybe I will be able to do that with another e-mail program on another computer, but that won’t be before Monday

    • okay seems to be good. thank you very much we will have your cartoon ready and post next week.
      Thank you for your contribution and we hope you enjoy the cartoon, we enjoyed your post and are sure others will also when it goes live.

    • That is great news we need the next guest writer.If you have a topic you would like to write about that is fine or we can suggest a theme.
      When we have worked with others, they have submitted a post to us via e-mail normally, we then read and make the cartoon.
      Please message me mt e mail is posted in a comment above.
      We look forward to working with and are excited to see what you come up with.


      The Cheese.

  4. A dedicated cartoon, free? I like the idea … but not if I have to fiddle about with HTML and esoteric stuff (old dog, new tricks).

    And yes, little Ollivia, I can write objectively (but cathartic is more fun, even if it does blow away a readership).

  5. Im certainly going to read some entries to see the kid of work you ar looking to represent. You guy are similar to RSA Animate in that you help paint a vivd picture of words worth sharing. I love it! Please coment you contact info on our about us tab, we would love to work with you in the future!

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