Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Second Civil War

This great you tube channel has been a favorite of mine for while.This is their latest post a great quick breakdown of the civil unrest that is coming to America.

Look through the back catalog many great videos with many interesting topics.


17 thoughts on “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Second Civil War

    • On the Ameican civil war: 1st:Any war with Brittain will not be civil! 2nd:America still pays 18% of G.D.P. to the Queen of England as reparations from the “civil”war.Ask your Govt, they wont lie to you,will they? 3rd:Your liberties are being eroded at such an alarming rate it causes us in the southern hemisphere quite a lot of angst.We don’t know who we can trust! Think about it. Rgds Arth

      • Interesting comment. It has two main issues. There can be no relationships without trust. Therefore we perpetuate war. What we are experiencing externally is actually the manifestation of an internal war we have ignored for way too long. It’s about time we started trusting our’ higher Selves’ our intuition. We only ever involved in a spiritual battle with opposing parts of ourselves. “There is no authority but your Self”. The only law is ‘Universal Law’. All our law is based on ownership. Nobody owns anything. Ownership is an illusion. We are not slaves, we are only slaves by agreement, we are sovereign and we are free. This planet was created as a ‘free will zone’ it has been hijacked by a minority who have no right to it. It is our time and our place to retrieve it for the higher good of all. That action starts with taking back control of yourself and being accountable for every thought every emotion and every action. Until we reconcile this conflict within ourself we will never manifest or experience peace.

    • On the civil war: The U.S. pays the U.K. 18% of G.D.P. annually, and has been doing so since the end of the civil war,the reason being war reparations.I see it but I dont believe it.Who in Govt will deny this categorically? Rgds Arth

      • Found out that shit bout the queen @ uni,I read it then I studied it & could find no reason doubt it.What must the American population think of this scam, it is an insult to their intelligence! Rgds Arth

      • The History of conflicts is great stuff, agreements signed after the wars still effect us today.Many know little about them but with a little digging some interesting things can be dug up.

    • Reconcilliation,a word hardly ever used to promote a united viewpoint any more. Mostly used by banking institutions as a way of saying you have financially met your contractural obligations to us. Rgds Arth

  1. Reblogged this on threatened ignorance and commented:
    I think that a second American Civil War has been in the making for a long time. A very interesting take on this is a TV show called Jericho. Watch all the episodes and you will see that they were talking about just this subject.

    • Thanks for the comment…man things are getting crazy.Is it just me or has this year been the worst for the frequency of this type of thing happening.I don’t sign on to the 2012 thing but i fear others do an this is effecting decisions!!

  2. Hi:Undestand your reluctance to commit to anything but their will be a major event around the end of this month which could possibly break a lot of people financially and through cause & affect possibly psychologically.Hope you are not in that category but I can tell you George (S.S.) Soros has purchased $800+million in precious metals.Read into this reactive move what you will.Rgds Arth

    • Yeah thanks Arth.I follow the banking scams closely and have made sure that my investments are in forms that can’t be touched.
      I keep ticking over on a small amount of cash but have made preparations should the worst happen.
      What scares me is the amount who have not, I watch them still chasing the consumer dream, new houses, new cars more debt all at a time when its about to collapse.

      A thought crossed my mind the other day when thinking about all of this.When the collapse does hit how will those with the debt be treated?

      Will they be rounded up first to work off what they owe?

      This is all by the design of bankers and we know they worship money and power so what do you think will the people who have borrowed become slaves from their debt?

      • Hi Dave: As we all know there’s not a great deal of space at the top of the pyramid for your average citizen,however they seem to be able to find space for his money,which at the end of the day is worth,well lets say whatever they think it should be worth! I think in reality the bankers themselves have become infatuated with their worth & have grossly overpriced their worth.At the end of the day your average banker is one of us who just happens to wear a suit & tie. They lent to us,we did not steal from them.They are responsible for the market fluctuation’s,not us.They will ultimately pay the highest price anyone can pay. Rgds Arth

  3. I’m banking on squatters rights. If the system collapses who will do the repossessing and who will they sell anything to?

    • I’m thinking even the repo guy’s wont work for nothing.Even they are not that silly.Could we possibly take a patent out on squatting? Just joking,it will affect so many innocent people.Rgds Arth

      • we have just seen tighter laws introduced to the UK regarding squatting.
        The police under the payroll of the bankers will go knocking on doors and heads I think.

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