Iran earthquakes ‘leave 80 dead’ in Tabriz region

Two strong earthquakes have struck north-western Iran, leaving at least 80 people dead and hundreds more injured, officials say.

The quakes struck near the city of Tabriz and the town of Ahar, but most of the casualties are thought to be in outlying villages.

Reports say phone lines to many villages have been cut off, making rescue efforts harder.

The US Geological Service measured the quakes at magnitude 6.4 and 6.3.

“The quake has created huge panic among the people,” one resident of Tabriz told the BBC. “Everyone has rushed to the streets and the sirens of ambulances are everywhere.”

The two earthquakes came within minutes of each other, according to seismology experts at Tehran University.

Dozens of rescue workers have been sent to the region, but the onset of darkness has hampered relief efforts.

Could this be a first strike?

The tell-tale signs of HAARP man-made quakes are:

  • the usual 10Km depth (sometimes and more recently a rash of 9.9Km)
  • the appearance of rainbow clouds just before the quake happens.

There are other depths that seem to be connected to HAARP – 2Km, 5Km, 24Km, 30Km, 40Km and 50Km. There are an abnormal number of earthquakes occurring at these depths. Earthquake depths are measured in 1/10Km from 0.0 up to 800.0 Km. Quakes at these HAARP depths occur in excess of 10x or more of natural quakes depths. By using the European seismics database you can research this phenomena. (FYI: USGS only lists about 1/4 of all quakes that occur globally.)

Data Differences Exist Between US and European Seismology Readings

There is a difference in posted data between USGS and European Seismic re today’s 8.0+ quake. However, the video taken of rainbow clouds just prior to today’s quake is probably the best evidence of what actually happened.

ccording to  De Aquino, “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is currently the most important facility used to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation in the ionosphere. In order to produce this ELF radiation the HAARP transmitter radiates a strong beam of high-frequency (HF) waves modulated at ELF. This HF heating modulates the electrons’ temperature in the D region ionosphere and leads to modulated conductivity and a time-varying current which then radiates at the modulation frequency. Recently, the HAARP HF transmitter operated with 3.6GW of effective radiated power modulated at frequency of 2.5Hz. It is shown that high-power ELF radiation generated by HF ionospheric heaters, such as the current HAARP heater, can cause earthquakes, cyclones and strong localized heating.”

Generating electromagnetic radiation at extremely-low frequencies is difficult because the long wavelengths require long antennas, extending for hundreds of kilometers. Natural ionospheric currents provide such anantenna if they can be modulated at the desired frequency. The generation of ELF electromagnetic radiation by modulated heating of the ionosphere has been the subject matter of numerous papers .

Several HF ionospheric heaters have been built in the course of the latest decades in order to study the ELF waves produced by the heating of the ionosphere with HF radiation. Currently, the HAARP heater is the most powerful ionospheric heater, with 3.6GW of effective power using HF heating beam, modulated at ELF (2.5Hz)

De Aquino’s paper shows that high-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the lower ionosphere, such as that produced by the current HAARP heater, can cause earthquakes, cyclones and strong localized heating.

According to De Aquino, based on the phenomenon of reduction of local gravity related to the Gravitational Shieldings generated by HAARPfrequencies, it is possible to create a device for moving very heavy loads such as large monoliths, for example. Very heavy loads can be transported through the use of what Aquino calls Gravitational Shielding Mantles which are made by layers of high-dielectric strength semiconductor sandwiched by two metallic foils and insulation layers. The Gravitational Shielding Mantle can be made so that it is only 1 millimeter in thickness.

Device for transporting very heavy loads. Itis possible to transport very heavy loads by using a Gravitational Shielding Mantle – A Mantle with a set of 8 semiconductor layers or more (each layer with 10μm thickness, sandwiched by two metallic foils with 10μmthickness). The total thickness of the mantle (including the insulation layers) is ~1mm. The metallic foils are connected to the ends of an ELF voltage source in order to generate ELF electromagnetic fields through the semiconductor layers. The objective is to create Gravitational Shieldings.

Physicist: HAARP Enables Earthquakes, Cyclones, Gravity Cloaks, Time Travel And Light Speed Spacecraft

Massive Iranian Earthquake Far from Nuke Sites

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