Post Office Workers Thrown From Windows by Insurgents in Aleppo, Syria [video]

We see the West losing on their plan to illegally remove Assad and his government they have just invested millions with the rebels. Will we see a desperate last bid to achieve what they set out to do?
They will expect to see a return on their investment.
They have a huge stake in Syria if it does not fall they will have to adjust all their future plans including what they have install for Iran.
We could see things becoming more dangerous now.


Syrian Girl
August 12, 2012

Allepo ‘al bab’ suburb on the outskirts of the city. The foreign backed insurgency filled with non-Syrian fighters cheer and film their crimes. These are the democratic peace loving protesters that supposed to take over power in Syria according to the US/NATO/Israel/GCC

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6 thoughts on “Post Office Workers Thrown From Windows by Insurgents in Aleppo, Syria [video]

  1. Asads thugs have raped and murdered women children , and even boys and men , many people might react in this way after seeing there unarmed children murdered in cold blood or finding there wives , sisters , mothers children raped
    war is evil it turn normal people into animals this is not news sad but people get killed in wars …..

    • I agree to a point.
      War is hell and both sides of any conflict tend to carry out horrific acts.
      This is the nature of beast and what keeps the battles raging.
      The use of the information is more telling how governments media etc etc report one thing and ignore another all to push an agenda.
      When you can see the agenda behind these stories you realize that the majority of conflicts that take place on this planet are by design.
      That is the saddest thing.

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