Olympics bosses try to exploit musicians by petrel41


Olympics bosses try to exploit musicians

One London Olympics scandal does not seem to be enough.

Two London Olympics scandals do not seem to be enough.

After the Olympic missiles on people’s homes… the military aircraft above London… the Olympic sponsorship by Dow Chemical of Agent Orange and Bhopal disasterfame … the Olympic sponsorship by BPof the Gulf of Mexico pollution … the Olympic medalsby another polluting corporation, Rio Tinto … the London transport bosses getting bonuses contrary to the workers who have to deal with the extra passengers … the Saudi women athletes who won’t be at the games … the Bahraini prince who is expected to be at the games, contrary to the athletes whom he torturedBy Adrian Roberts in England:

Missiles & warships in London: UK gears up for Olympics or war?

Olympics ‘exploit’ unsigned artists

Angry musicians accused Olympic organisers Locog of exploiting unsigned artists today by asking them to perform at the games for free.

The Unsigned Band Review is looking for 80 acts to perform to hundreds of thousands of visitors over the course of the games in the Olympic park – for no fee.

But Musicians Union(MU) assistant general secretary Horace Trubridge said: “Locog is saying this is OK because the bands are going to be amateur musicians, but that is simply not true.

“If it was school bands then it might be a different thing but unsigned bands are not amateurs. In many cases they expect to be – and get – paid for performing live and Locog is exploiting them under the guise of an unsigned band competition.

“This competition aside, the MU has been gathering countless recent examples of Locog directly approaching professional musicians to play for free.

“We are asking the government and the mayor of London to condemn Locog’s actions and we are also calling on musicians who have been asked to work for free at the Olympics to refuse to play.”

Musician with Barbican Brass Steve Haynes added: “As a professional musician I was outraged to receive an email from Locog looking for talent and asking Barbican Brass to play unpaid at a venue in the Olympic park.

“Apparently it was a chance to showcase our talent.

“Locog is completely disregarding the terms of its agreement with the MU at a time when I could really do with the work due to my show being closed over the Olympics.

“I can’t imagine other professions being asked to work for free.”

Unfortunately, this is not limited to musicians as eg, in London stewards for the queen’s diamond jubilee got no wages and were forced to sleep under bridges.

London: The Jubileee volunteers gets short changed / Stewards scandal (BBC1 London coverage)

However, public indignation and pressure on bosses sometimes do work.

London Olympics 2012 – Olympic Song – Flame (radio edit) Torch Relay

After the earlier Adrian Roberts article, the Musicians Union reportedon the same day:

Unsigned Band Review to pay musicians

Unsigned Band Review (UBR) has now updated the terms and conditions on its website and is paying bands to take part in the Unsigned Bands competition at the Olympics.

When the Musicians’ Union (MU) printed off the terms and conditions of the competition from the UBR website on Friday last week, the only mention of payment was in terms of expenses:

‘Payment for expenses will be discussed on an individual basis.’

Crucially, the terms and conditions have now changed so that they read:

‘Payment for fees and expenses will be discussed on an individual basis.’

The MU was also informed by LOCOG that the competition was not a breach of the LOCOG-MU agreement, because the bands were going to be ‘amateur musicians.’

Horace Trubridge, MU Assistant General Secretary says:

“We couldn’t be happier that UBR are going to be paying the bands to appear in the competition. As we said yesterday, just because a band is unsigned it does not mean that they are amateurs. Many of them are professional musicians who should be receiving fair payment under the agreement we have with LOCOG.

“We have yet to receive a copy of the agreement that UBR has with the artists who will be appearing at the competition, but if they are going to be paid a fair fee for their work then we applaud UBR.”

200,000 Caskets On Hand For London Olympics Evacuation

The Olympic games are a scam and you should stop falling for it.

False flags and conspiracy theories soaring above London Olympic stadium

London Caskets

Live Nation selects Best Bands for BT London Live

Siege city? Even more troops to guard London 2012

Is London Getting Screwed by the Olympics – Literally?

Our second Guest post written by Petrel41.

‘The Cheese’ thanks Petrel41 @ http://dearkitty1.wordpress.com/ what an interesting story and one I think we here at ‘The Cheese’ would have missed.

Petrel41 writes interesting and informative posts, Petrel41’s blog page is well worth a look, the opinions and stories are wide in range and make for a good read.

We thank Petrel41 for the support that has been shown and look forward to continued reading of comments on our blog and the articles Petrel41 publishes. 

So Called “Anti-Establishment” Band “MUSE” & The Official 2012 Olympics Theme Song?

Songs for the Olympics #3 Anti-Flag – Fuck Police Brutality

Bahraini torture prince to Olympics, British weapons to Bahrain

London braces for Israeli strike on Iran during 2012 Games


23 thoughts on “Olympics bosses try to exploit musicians by petrel41

  1. Thanks, Daily Cheese, for this port, and this cartoon!

    A few remarks. Here comes the first:

    There has been a change on Saudi women athletes.

    Saudi Arabia Allows Women to be Part of Olympic Team: here.

    On the one hand, this change shows that pressure, even on extremely harsh dictatorships like Saudi Arabia, works.

    On the other hand, only one Saudi woman athlete is said to go the London Olympics.

    So, this is basically tokenism. Like the Afghan woman athlete, sent to the Olympics as a propaganda prop; but who prefered to become a refugee.

    • Thanks the problem with have ‘at times’ is the pace of the news.It takes us a little while to get the cartoons finished and stories change.
      Glad you like it and I hope we can work together again sometime.

  2. Reblogged this on Dear Kitty. Some blog and commented:
    Thanks Daily Cheese for having my guest blog and adding the cartoon to it!
    One remark: the Illuminati (in the cartoon) have nothing to do it. They were a small late 18th century South German organization, then destroyed by absolute monarchical suppression. They were NOT the cause of the French revolution (which happened because French people were fed up with the absolute monarchy). They have nothing to with London Olympics problems (contrary to organizations which really exist today, like Dow Chemical, BP, the British Conservative Party ..).

    This is my first reblog ever. I did not do it before, because being a WordPress newbie, I did not want to try out all WordPress features at once 🙂

  3. Pingback: Your Questions About 2012 Olympics | RicheousIndigNation

    • Sigh … that video starts with “proving” that there is something sinister about the Olympics from the shape of the lights in the Olympic stadium LOL.

      The real sinister things are, of course, that Britain is ruled by David Cameron’s pro-capitalist pro-militarist Conservatibe Party, that polluting corporations like BP, Dow Chemical etc. are Olympic sponsors etc.

      That is now. You don’t have to bring in the Illuminati, suppressed in Germany over 200 years ago, in at all.

      • LOL its all good entertainment ….along with creating the word zion from the logos, there are some wacky theories out there.
        The real ones to fear like you said are the government and their plan to cement complete Orwellian control.

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