Departing privacy

Great graphic and I enjoyed the read.
The big brother Orwellian world is here!

Facial recognition cameras in billboards?

Radio Freethinker

The Canada Border Services Agency is in the process of deploying new hi-rez cameras in customs-controlled areas of airports across the country.  What makes these cameras different is that they will also be equipped with a microphone so that not only will security agents be keeping a watchful eye on actions but will also be able to listen in on your conversation; that seems one intrusion too many.

Now, as a society we have given up a lot in the name of ‘security’ from terrorism. However at a some point you have to ask, what is the point of being secure in a country that has eliminated the meaning of freedom? Okay, that may be slightly overstating the situation but there is a great need for a cost benefit analysis on what we have given up for what gain in security. The money spent globally on enhanced security could have…

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