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Barak Orders Israeli Military to Prepare for Syria Invasion — News from Antiwar.com

In an interview with Israeli Channel 10 today Defense Minister Ehud Barak confirmed that he has ordered the military to prepare for a full-scale invasion of neighboring Syria, with the goal of seizing weapons from the Syrian military, currently embroiled in a civil war. Barak sought to justify the move, saying that it was possibleSyria might transfer “anti-aircraft … Continue reading

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RUSSIA VIOLATES U.S. AIRSPACE DURING ARCTIC WAR GAMES EXERCISE MORE STEPS TOWARDS A CONFLICT THE LIKES OF WHICH WE HAVE NEVER SEEN!! Russia reportedly sending 2 warships with marines to Syria      Russia says They Are Ready to Send Warships to Syria – BCNN1. Prelude To WWIII? Britian Stops Russian Ship Believed To Be Carrying … Continue reading

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