World Politics Blues

The Drones are a powerful band on many levels.  One of their powers in my case, is that they helped me get over my case of cultural cringe (the belief that Australian cultural products are inherently inferior to those produced overseas, particularly in Europe and the United States).

The Drones aren’t great and cool despite being Australian, but because they’re Australian.  Their Australian-ness is itself a crucial part of their shtick and of their attraction.  Lead singer Gareth Liddiard’s accent is almost comically ocker (I said almost).  And although their sound, at least on the first couple of albums, harks back to many non-Australian forebears like the swamp-rock psychobilly of The Cramps and the noisy punk-metal sounds of bands like Black Flag, there is still something quintessentially Australian about the music, beyond Liddiard’s vocals.  It sounds like isolation, dirt and big, empty space.  A prime example of this Australian sound is ‘The…

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  1. From a former soldier my verdict on these. A cowards way to wage war, along with “contract mercenaries”. The use of these as opposed to accountable and badged armies acting within legal frameworks, well it shows the corporate and true meaning of modern imperialism.

    The fashion for demonising innocent Muslim people, the ease of killing by remote means, the none accountability of corporate thuggery. Well that makes the next step in using these domestically an easy one.

    Would that these people will question their moral and ethical stance of their participation in these areas. History has a habit of showing one day their actions come back to visit them. Many of us await that day.

    • Well said my friend: As you said these people are no more than corporation tools who actually believe they are doing something good in this world.Our education systems combined have a lot to answer for.25+yrs of turning out nothing more than semi educated sheep with not an ounce of morality between all of them.If you want to go to the heart of the problem you must eradicate the multinational corporations who are behind these lies & deception,politicians run a very close second,these are the people we must work on if we are to survive as a human race.You probably notice the lack of “new inventions”over the last 10 yrs,I believe the big oil companies are responsible for this.Its sad but their system is working.Rgds Arth.

      • I agree Arthur. The BBC has recently begun to bleat about Arctic ice melt again. After making a song and a dance about it they then cite oil exploration will be easier!
        You hit the nail firmly on the head. New inventions bought up and buried, a threat to oil interests. Increasing corporate control in western education, dumbed down curriculum.

        “They” hate free thinking, literate and self sufficient folk. Fans of revisionist history who will not go quietly into line. Folk who will not eat their GM poison, partake of their mass TV based brainwashing.

        By God resistance on any level is a pleasure and thoroughly edifying 😉

      • Great discussion guys.Don’t get me started on the BBC the great British lie machine.
        The internet has been the greatest help, people have been able to connect the dots and now see the wider picture.
        That is why internet censorship is a hot topic right now.
        There are more and more free thinking people leaving the mainstream enslavement daily, lets keep writing and posting and waking more.

      • That is something that must happen.For to long we have been eating the crap they throw at us without so much as a burp…Guys like you and me stand condemned if we stop telling it like it actually is. Rgds Arth.

  2. Oh…As you said about the internet,they certainly have created a very formidable foe should we choose to utilise its full potential. Rgds Arth.

    • They wish to create a “free ” Baluchistan. Part of central bankings efforts to rid themselves of Pashtun wealth and influence. Also they wish the death of the Islamic banking system, a no interest system of honour. As old as history itself. Well, certain others have different ideas.

      My moneys on the good guys winning this. They have been around a long, long time.

      • As long as we are told that we must fight for our freedom we will never enjoy freedom as we know it,shoot or be shot/killor be killed,we will never advance as individuals as long as we believe this garbage.The only people who wish to take our freedom’s are living amongst us. Rgds Arth.

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