Great article.What is wrong with the world today!


“Considering that political and economic elites already rule our lives as they please, and that it is in their interest to have the masses believe they have at least some measure of personal liberties – even if it’s just the ‘freedom’ to choose Apple over Windows or Coke over Pepsi – it’s puzzling that they have plans to squeeze what remains of civil rights, not just from the usual targets ‘over there’ in the Middle East and the developing world, but also ‘over here’ in the heart of the empire. It begs the question: what sort of situation are they expecting that would require them to virtually put shackles on everybody?

We get a clue from a policy article written by several dozen scientists that appeared in the journal Science on March 15th. The article argues that the only way to fight ‘man-made global warming’ is to solve it through

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