The American Tea Man


Glenn Beck had a great segment on the Blaze TV tonight.  He talked about what happened in Libya and paints a clear picture.

I believe that Mr. Beck is correct.  Our government is hiding something from us in this mess.  And the protests and the movie are the cover ups for what is really going on.

Here is the full article and video from The Blaze –

On tonight’s episode of “The Glenn Beck Program” on TheBlazeTV, Beck stated that he believes, based on his research and analysis, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered not as a result of a spontaneous riot over an anti-Muslim YouTube clip but rather as part of a coordinated and planned attack using the protests as a cover.

“You’re being set up, America. Your freedom of speech is being set up and it’s being set up all over the world,” Beck…

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  1. Pls correct me if I’m wrong but this bear’s all the markings of a false flag event to cause distraction & ultimately take our minds off the obvious plans being made between the U.S. & Israel to launch the mother of all attacks on those who refuse to be coerced into a “this will be good for you”type situation whose only goal is World domination! We must stand tall as a United Brotherhood & block any attempts to further this cause. Rgds Arth.

    • I think your almost there but I see the Middle East as a distraction to the simmering conflict with China.
      The West needs to cause enough suffering before they can move in their invasion force oopppssss sorry peace keeping humanitarian forces:) to encircle the biggest threat Russia and China (well as they see it).
      A new/renewed cold war with these two countries could provide a great economic boost.

      • So that means that all those treaties & memorandum’s of understanding basically aint worth the paper there written on! A truly sad day for politics & politicians in general. As a tradesman I’ve spent my working life on the shop floor,which to me is recognition of my input.What can any politician say to actually justify their salary & position,apart from being a really convincing bullshit artist? Rgds Arth.

  2. When corporations run government this is the type of crap you end up with.Ask a soldier in Iraq to tell you exactly why he’s there,9 out of 10 would not have a clue.And still they try to call this democracy,what a joke. Rgds Arth

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