A World On The Verge Of War?

The question has to be ask today has World War 3  started and this post sums it  up well.Do you agree or do you think peace will hold?

Here is a summary of where the world stands:

From Reuters:

Members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) are providing non-military assistance in Syria and Iran may get involved militarily if its closest ally comes under attack, commander-in-chief Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Sunday.

Jafari’s statement is the first official acknowledgement that Iran has a military presence on the ground in Syria where an 18-month-old uprising has left tens of thousands dead.

Western countries and Syrian opposition groups have long suspected Iran has troops in Syria. Iran has denied this.

“A number of members of the Qods force are present in Syria but this does not constitute a military presence,” Iranian news agency ISNA quoted Jafari as saying at a news conference.

Qods is an IRGC unit set up to export Iran’s ideology. It has been accused of plotting attacks inside Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

Jafari did not indicate how many IRGC members were in Syria but said they were providing “intellectual and advisory help”.

The Islamic Republic has backed Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad since the crisis began and regards his rule as a key part of its axis of resistance against Israel and Sunni Arab states.

Jafari also said Iran would change its policy and offer military backing if Syria came under attack.

“I say specifically that if Syria came under military attack, Iran would also give military support but it … totally depends on the circumstances,” he said.

Next up: satellite photos somewhere “confirming” beyond a reasonable doubt that weapons of mass destruction are being prepared for usage, and a preemptive war is the only way to not only preserve peace, but to be awarded the Nobel prize in said activity.

What is perfectly obvious to anyone but the most jaded and biased, is that the West will use any opportunity of conflict escalation which in turn will send crude, and gas, prices soaring, to commence the launch of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release, arguably at just the right time to push down gas prices, which as we showed on Friday have never been higher on this day in history. “Right time”, because any SPR release will have the short-term benefit of boosting Obama’s re-election chances even more, even if it means surging gas prices after the election.

The reality of course is that the bulk of upside pressure on commodity (crude and gas included) prices is as a result of the Fed and ECB’s recent monetization expansion and liquidity tsunami, which does the usual: soothes the symptoms for a few weeks, crushes volatility and creates the impression that all is well…. if only to lead to yet another far more grave outcome. And since there is now officially no limit much debt the Fed will monetize, there is so no limit on how high commodity prices will go.

So while in reality any war, supposedly one which is “regional” and “contained” will merely be a smokescreen to the central banks officially taking over ownership of the insolvent developed world, the likelihood is that a war will neither be “regional” nor “contained” as both countries that make up the axis of a future hard-backed currency, China and Russia, have already made it quite clear that any intervention by the US in regions they themselves consider strategic, such as the Senkaku Islands, Syria and/or Iran, will result in retaliation.

And retaliation by one or more rising superpowers to another fading superpower, will inevitably lead to yet another World War.

Needless to say, nobody could possibly foresee war as the outcome to the global depression ver 2.0: certainly not the Princeton historian who will be, more than anyone else, responsible for it.


12 thoughts on “A World On The Verge Of War?

  1. TIME mag this week says sanctions crippling Iran and near collapse imminent few months at best. Its troops in Syria scary. The innocents on all sides will suffer. I cannot understand why China and Russia remain in the positions they have assumed as it is their region that will be affected by radioactive fallout if a few nukes are used.

  2. I have said time and time again to folk, Iran is not a pushover. Neocon rhetoric is one thing. Millions of young devout jihadis are another. The Saudis are begging for Israel to attack as are the other “moderate” Gulf states, themselves teetering on collapse, domestic protests a daily occurrence.

    When diverse countries examine the reality of what Nato is about, do their own thinking, a natural reaction toward self preservation will kick in. The US will quickly find itself friendless and alone. Do they really think Japan will fight on their side? As for Europe do people really think Germany will take up arms on a world stage again? Europeans have no stomach for the US or its actions, a fragmented Europe means Nato stumbling around. Europe will even look to Russia as an ally in this, self preservation on a continent that remembers two world wars is real.

    Now, lets remember war takes many forms nowadays. Cyber and proxy, economic. China holds the best hand in many areas, it owns the US. China’s only strategic moves are for Formosa and the South China Sea. I have no doubt they will, along with Russia, defend themselves. Who wouldn’t given the provocation they have experienced.

    This depends on central banks, banksters and the cabal. If they pull it off, yes we will see major conflict. If countries and governments have courage to say no, more so the people, then it can still be averted. Hence the rush by our puppet masters to place the pieces a little too quickly.

    • Very well outlined my friend,the war that they so urgently crave will not be the conventional type where they are always in the captains seat! This time the world has woken to their hollow rhetoric.Its still us & them stuff but they will not be able to cope,nor will they be able to pay someone else to cope for them. Fail to plan/Plan to fail – Painted into a corner,any of these scenarios will describe their plight. Rgds Arth.

      • Thanks Arthur. You summed it up well. I read a thing written in Japan ( sorry cannot do links, old fart! ) Anyhow it said they will not, contrary to popular US belief, automatically side with the country that atomised Nagasaki and Hiroshima. That memory is ingrained and who can blame them. They are well aware of China and N. Koreas abilities in that sphere.

        If there is any hope from all of this, it is, as you say, ordinary people see through the rhetoric. Thank God for the internet.

      • @Saxonbeserker: Knowing Asian emotions and sentiment well having spent many years in the region you are very correct they may embrace Western ideas of trade and development but that is purely for the rewards.They hold a simmering remembrance of those days which would not take long to be whipped into nationalistic passion.

  3. Dear Cheese, it is also a simmering resentment against empire. For China it is the Opium War, Burma and Malaya, India and Pakistan, all remember the colonial yoke. I have great faith in these peoples not to fall for this lie again.

    This is not an Englishmen’s post colonial guilt, I observe as a historian, the “experts” in the west are misreading the book, not just a few pages.

    • Could we possiblybe witnessing the beginning of the end of empire & along with it the end of world financial & physical domination by the oligarchy? Something very big is deffinately approaching,something all the dollars in the world cannot halt. Rgds Arth.

      • This well may be the case Arthur. Look at todays Daily Bell. There is a well written piece on Japan and China, possible American / bankster meddling.

        If we examine the empire as not just a geographical entity but a corporate / political one then yes. I feel increasingly the cabal are, in many ways, reacting in a predictable but rushed manner. Historically their day is done. Whether they accept this is another thing. However, the populations of the west have no further stomach for them or war.

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