100 slices of cheese.

Well it is here, a milestone in the history of cheese. We have made it to our one hundredth Post.

The first thing we must do is thank all of you that have supported us over the past six months. The guest posts and all of the comments we have received have inspired us to keep going. To write articles and create cartoons and push ON with our efforts in waking others to the truth behind the lies which are pulled over eyes.

The insight and the intelligence we have seen is an inspiration to us. All is not lost the future looks a little brighter. We see more minds awakening each day and with each new post.

We will continue to try our best to produce articles of interest, as well as tweak and improve our site for your pleasure.

I congratulate all of those out there who dare to ask the simple question, why?

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So looking back on the posts thus far we have covered a myriad of topics from the strange to the surreal to the downright scary all in the pursuit of the truth.

In this year 2012 as the Mayan apocalypse looms we see massive global events seemingly coming to a point of culmination.

The theory of the world ending in 2012, will it come true or is it a hoax?

On December 21, 2012, the Mayan Calendar ends. One of several Mayan calendars making up the Long Count calendar, which is reset to day 0 every 1,872,000 days or 7057.5 years. The next reset date, by some calculations, is December 21, 2012. The Mayan Calendar has to end sometime. Will we end with it?

We have other threats:

•          Planet X (Nibiru)  hitting the Earth?

•          Poles  switching?

•          Poles  switch in one day due to a black hole?

•          Solar storms and Sunspots. The earth will be in the firing line in 2012. We will be lined up with a sunspot.Does it mean it will wipe out all life on Earth?

•          Catastrophic earthquakes. We have seen many big ones hit this year,  will we see an earthquake to end all earthquakes?

•          Bible and other book prophecies. The world will end in 2012 will they prove correct?

•          Chinese, Japanese predictions from the reading of sacred text.Huge disasters to befall us ?

•          War. Syria, Iran and Israel are all looking more likely to increase in size and scope of conflicts. Could this be World War 3?

•          The rise of a police state. Western nations become the very thing they have fought against for decades. We see it daily. Militarized police and surveillance 1984 is here!

•          Disease and bio engineering. Could we wipe ourselves out with the tinkering of DNA?

•          Economic collapse and destruction of civilization?

It may all look very doom gloom but I feel the opposite. Knowledge is power if more and more people become aware of the dangers we face and the knife edge we walk then maybe we can change.

We as a species have done pretty well thus far. Yes we have had some major speed bumps on the way but we seem to have come out doing the right thing eventually.

I have hope and I have faith that the few that would suppress humanity, those who seek to control and steer our development will fail. People are mostly good, that good nature is subverted by power hungry individuals from time to time but as history has shown us they all meet their doom.

Keep up the hard work fellow truth seekers and we look forward to sharing our next one hundred stories with you.

yours in Truth,

The Daily Cheese.

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