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Letting Freedom Ring

The United States is in crisis mode while Obama skips security briefings to chat with ‘Pimp with a Limp’ and Hillary hosts Lockerbie bomber supporter!  We are at war and I want a leader – not a narcissistic detached campaigner who supports the Muslim Brotherhood.


The United States just lost four Americans, 17 others are wounded, and we have experienced another 9/11 terrorist attack – where is our President?  He is busy campaigning and scheduling appearances with David Letterman, Beyonce, and Jay Z.   Our ‘Commander in Chief’ passed up security briefings to discuss football and his favorite rappers with Pimp with a Limp.  But not to worry, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett is still in charge at the White House!

Reports have also circulated that the attack in  Benghazi was an inside job and that the U.S. Department of State knew of the attack up to 48 hours ahead…

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  1. Obama is doing the right thing and the GREATEST President we have ever had. Not only does he excel in all leadership skills, he serves ALL Americans, not just select groups, and is concerned about the needs of other nations. This is the first time in our history we have had a leader who incorporates it all, while working withing the severest restraints of any leader thus far. I’m grateful to JayZ and Beyonce for raising money for him. Romney has billionaires supplying him endless donations.

    What’s wrong with Muslim’s? I’m sick of Christian holidays for so-called people of faith who practice hate and racism. And I’m sick of people stuck on stupid and ignorance.


  2. anyone who has any respect for the government – no matter who is in office – is a gullible fool, or a tool. the world may unite to take us down, just like nazi germany and japan.

    remember the cold war strategy of “mutually assured destruction?” how is that not a threatened suicide bombing? of everyone, everywhere, all at once! i grew up terrified of the people in DC, not communists or muslims.

    there’s no way people on the opposite end of the continent can make wise, informed decisions about what happens out in the pacific northwest. the US is an over-extended empire that is lashing out in all directions as it wriggles through its death-spasms.

    you know what i’m terrified of at the moment? that there will be a christian/military coup, and that it will turn into a race war. a horrible, genocidal, religious bloodbath unlike anything seen since the conquest of the americas.

    excuse me – the “discovery” of the americas.

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