Here we go !!!! This is a move towards the false flag that we can expect any time from now until November. We see the web of lies that is the middle east peace plan coming to its head. The US and Israel are seriously preparing.World war 3 goes hot in a few days maybe weeks for sure in months. They have succeeded.These images from FB and comments tell the story.People are blinkered ! The comments!!!! Rob Wheless Looks like obama has us right where he wants us! 26 minutes ago · Like · 13 Dotti S. Holland just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25 minutes ago · Like · 1 Wendy Deane How horrible….I am sobbing… 25 minutes ago · Like · 1 Nandm BunnyFarm This is so freaken disgusting. Sick bastards. WTF is wrong with people 25 minutes ago · Like · 6 Chick Marshall Nice peaceful religion my ass. Nuke the bastards. 25 minutes ago · Like · 25 Kathleen Hutchinson And WHY is obama not doing anything about this???? WHY should obummer be apologizing about anything??? We need to bomb the F*&K out of these people and piss on them!!!!! 25 minutes ago · Like · 7 Debi Anderson Where us the outrage over this VIDEO??? I’m so angry. Disgusting 24 minutes ago · Like · 5 Gary Young If we had a real president, he would bomb these dill holes back to the dinosaur ages!! 24 minutes ago · Like · 9 Michelle Schubert Aydelotte But they are a religion of Peace! yeah right…maybe a piece of shit, but definitely not peace. 24 minutes ago · Like · 6 Mary Ann This is horrible! This is so upsetting!!! 24 minutes ago · Like · 3 Dave Wear To quote our President, Islam is a peaceful religion.” 24 minutes ago · Like · 7 Mj Taylor and it is hear in the USA now.. 24 minutes ago · Like · 3 Connie Johnson Morris Abc is reporting that these pics are of the libians taking him to the hospital. BULL SHIT!!!! THEY ARE BEATING HIM. ON THE 911 ANNIVERSARY. 23 minutes ago · Like · 10 Rick Grande The future of every American is reflected right there 23 minutes ago · Like · 2 Wendy Deane Pray for our troops…pray for our country…pray that Muslims stop this nightmare. 23 minutes ago · Like · 4 Jojo Foster This is what happens when you have someone like obama in office. He’s seen as weak, and he is. They know that nothing is going to be done about it, and they’ll get away with it. 23 minutes ago · Like · 3 Sue Carenzo Friedlander Have some respect for this mans family !!! 23 minutes ago · Like · 1 Darlene Kelly To add to all of this, President Obama will not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his trip to the U.S., marking the first time this has happened since Obama took office. According to, an Israeli official said Israel approached the White House two weeks ago to schedule a visit, but the White House said the president’s schedule “wouldn’t permit a meeting.”National Security Council spokesman Tommy Veitor denied that speculation, saying, “They’re simply not in the city at the same time.” President Obama did spend an hour on the phone with Netanyahu last night, and the Israeli Prime Minister will meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during his visit 23 minutes ago · Like Joyce Ann Hogue What is that demonic looking like thing on the right doing to that dead man?????????????? 23 minutes ago · Like Carlos Alberto Olmo Ad what our US Government is doing? 23 minutes ago · Like Darlene Kelly our prayers to families==r i p== 23 minutes ago · Like · 1 Sherry Olson Ambassador Clinton said the Libyans carried him to the hospital. This doesn’t look like it to me! SPIN! 23 minutes ago · Like · 2 Jan Whitaker This islam loving man must be removed from office ASAP!! 22 minutes ago · Like · 1 Joyce Ann Hogue Sue- have some respect how? 22 minutes ago · Like Connie Johnson Morris These are obamas people he bows to and has over for dinner in the white house 22 minutes ago · Like · 3 Sue McClanahan ..and he said: “We are not at war with islam and never will be”….. F*k his change!! 22 minutes ago · Like · 3 Larry Philipp @ Sue – you mean like the “respect” the killers are showing? 22 minutes ago · Like · 1 Kevin Knabe we need to leave where we arent wanted. 22 minutes ago · Like Linda Turnage I am just sick over this. Obama loves all those people!!! I can barely look at him on tv. 22 minutes ago · Like · 4 Novice R Northington time to play “Cowboys and radical Libyan Muslims”! 21 minutes ago · Edited · Like · 7 Belinda Courville Hatton please take this down …family does not need to see this 22 minutes ago · Like · 3 Ron Skulas There’s that whole “religion of peace” in action…again. 22 minutes ago · Like · 2 Sue Carenzo Friedlander Take that pic down! I wouldn’t want to see my dead relative would u? 22 minutes ago · Like · 2 Stephen Wilkinson I said on 9 11 2001 that there is a species of human that needs to be extinct….still feel the same way today. 21 minutes ago · Like · 3 Sue McClanahan …wish that cell phone blew up in his mouth 😡 21 minutes ago · Like Renee Meglio Page Screw obama WAKE UP AMERICA ITSYOU OR THEM OUR GOD THE ONLY LIVING GOD WHOS LOVE IS EVERLASTING OR THERE DEAD GOD WHOS FILLED WITH HATRED AND CONTEMPT FOR ALL THINGS PURE 21 minutes ago · Like · 4 Gail Jetonne Hengst Mrs Clinton,said this is just a small group. This does not reflect the feelings of the people. She is full of sh*t. 21 minutes ago · Like · 3 Kully Johnson This is the video that got all the towel heads all pisst off! Sam Bacile’s “The Muhammad Movie” Behead those who insult islam! lel 21 minutes ago · Like · 1 Spyros Spyrou Islam is an evil barbaric ideology, everywhere the Muslims go they create problems, Europe, Israel, India, the USA, Australia. Islam is a death cult, those who think that Islam is the “religion of peace” are deluded 21 minutes ago · Like · 6 Deborah Hafer Now America do you not see what who our wonderful president is apoligizing to. Murderers. Are you proud of the traitor president now? 21 minutes ago · Like · 8 Cindy B Sanches @Kathleen: Why the hell do you think Obama isn’t doing anything about this DUH 21 minutes ago · Like Angie Giordano No one should be treated this way…. 21 minutes ago · Like · 1 Kevin Darrell This is disgusting!!! 21 minutes ago · Like · 1 Sue Carenzo Friedlander U sum ass not the killer!! The man the victim! 21 minutes ago · Like Connie Johnson Morris Islam extremist 21 minutes ago · Like Edward Solis Its time we explained it to all those rag head cock roaches. And their false profit. 21 minutes ago · Like Jeff Parker Not that he’d have the spine to do so but if he did send a team in to clean things up, he’d only dime then out by letting the pedophiles know which chopper they were on so they could shoot it down. We need a true leader. R&R better step up their game. 21 minutes ago · Like · 3 Sue Carenzo Friedlander Dim ass! 21 minutes ago · Like Nicky Mimikos We are safe no where..its a shame..its a hostile world..god bless all of us… 21 minutes ago · Like · 1 Brian Struzik FU Obama and your Muslim Pig Brotherhood of murdering scum ! You can go straight to hell after November 6th POS ! We gave Egypt billions each year and now the US Taxpayers Money is financing Terrorists that you apologized to – Obama is a TRAITOR and a CRIMINAL ! 20 minutes ago · Like · 11 Diana Balenovich Stangroom Really??? This should be war! Again. 20 minutes ago · Like · 3 Shaun Mullin Have you seen the YouTube clip that set them off (well this time)? It’s so laughable, but to them it’s insulted the pROPHET; their best known pedophile. 20 minutes ago · Like · 3 Mark Conover There is no helping these people…. This is a way of life for them…. 20 minutes ago · Like · 3 Douglas Ray Ozebek Sr. “Radicals attack US embassy, Obama apologizes. ” How about we apologize after we turn their neighborhood into a skateboard park!! 20 minutes ago · Like · 6 Paul McCrate The idiot who did this are horrieble, but so are the people who would post this on facebook 19 minutes ago · Like · 1 Tylor Lyons Obama is turning us from a nation with balls to a nation of pussies 19 minutes ago · Like · 6 Juan Ulloa Yet, Democrats give full 100% support to these animals… Sorry, even animals act more human than this… 19 minutes ago · Like · 2 Donald W Rutledge peace loving groups right! NOT! 19 minutes ago · Like Richard E. Ingraham And it is only going to get worse…….not only there but here. 19 minutes ago · Like Carmen K. Pfeifer Clinton said: the LIBYAN PPL were taking those Americans to the Hospital??GO The kenyan USERPER Muzzie is toast…9/11/2012, 4 AMERICAN’s….This is barbaric, horrific,they are like rabid animals.VIOLENCE MURDER in the name of their “lil allah pagan moon god”. 8 Ambassadors killed in history,the last one…Adolph Dubs, in Afghanistan, 1979…No amt of negotiation will ever appease ISLAMIST….Clinton says: this is a outrage for ALL Faiths across the World?? Except, It was the~ ISLAMIST ~as usual who did this Senseless act they are sending a message…Islamist are brainwashed as a child to kill and be killed, they do not value Life as an Western Nation…Clinton said: A FREE LIBYA is our Nations goal?? so the MBH can move in like Egpyt… 19 minutes ago · Like Todd Fahrenthold Why is the area around the embassy not swarming with US troops shooting anything that moves? 19 minutes ago · Like · 1 Norman Rietveld wow reading posts here blaming Obama for other peoples actions. You never stop to amaze me how you hate black poeple. Again nothing but white people posting here. 19 minutes ago · Like · 1 Hector Rodriguez-Drevon Go see “Obama 2016” you will understand our presidents ideas and what he’s trying to do to our country. 19 minutes ago · Like · 3 Sue Carenzo Friedlander Well said Norman!!! 19 minutes ago · Like Renee Meglio Page wake up america..if you can turn a blind eye to this picture your not fot better wake up 18 minutes ago · Like · 5 D Krepps Young look at their “Occupy Wallstreet” masks!!! 18 minutes ago · Like Shannon Marie 😦 18 minutes ago · Like Stephanie Miller OMG !!!! !!!!!! This is AWFUL !! His poor family !! Burn in HELL Lybia ! 18 minutes ago · Like Rep. Forbes: After attack on US compound in Libya, time to reassess US foreign policy in Middle East U.S. Ambassador, Christopher Stevens, Among Those Killed In Attack On American Consulate US ambassador killed in Libya U.S. ambassador to Libya killed in Benghazi attack Fran Townsend: Death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens an ‘extraordinary loss’ for Libya US ambassador to Libya, 3 American staff members killed in attack Batgirl: #Libya killings should “shock the conscience of people of all faiths.” BREAKING: Romney renews criticism of Obama’s Libya response

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This is a video of an armed Ansar al Sharia demonstration in Benghazi, Libya, in June this year. It was deleted by YouTube.

Here is another video about that subject, still on YouTube.

From ABC News in the USA:

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens Killed in Consulate Attack in Benghazi


Sept. 12, 2012

Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya has died as Libyan militants stormed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Stevens, 52, was killed on Tuesday as 20 gun-wielding attackers stormed the U.S. consulate, angry about an American made film that depicts Prophet Mohammad as a fraud and womanizer.

Nearly a dozen Americans were inside the consulate at the time, guarded only by Libyan security. For nearly 20 minutes the Libyan guards exchanged fire with the attackers, who hurled a firebomb inside.

The militants burned down at least one building…

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20 thoughts on “

  1. Surely you people cannot be so blind to not see your Govt’s hand in this attrocity. The Congress has blood on it’s hand’s after supplying the weapons used to commit this crime against humanity,but then again they pulled off 9/11 & kept a straight face somehow! Rgds Arth.

  2. If as former pres Clinton say’s,Our goal is peace in Libya then unfortunately America can expect to loose more live’s in the middle east.These people were at war before America was formed(by the brittish).The war will go on whether internal/external,it makes no difference to them.One word of advice pull out& save lives if thats your M.O. Realise the Corporations are behind all this & you are on the way to stopping it. Rgds Arth.

    • This looks like it is spreading from embassy to embassy region to region we could be seeing an opening volley of a situation that will get ugly fast.(if its not already ugly enough) like I said the elites will use this, their plan is going fast track.

  3. Realise you people that eligion is the most divisive tool that can be used against a people. The govt play’s the religion card every time they want to kill a few million people in the interests of the big corporations,who I might add do a very fine buisness from death & destruction thank you very much. The sooner you people realise you are being played as full-on Fools, the sooner you can bring about meaningful change in society. Oh & no,the U.S. is not right all the time,seldom in fact! Rgds Arth

  4. It was only a matter of time. Those poor souls. I will not support this, I will do all I can to educate and show the idiotic sheep where they are being led. By the nose to slaughter.

    Breaking news! Archduke Ferdinand has been assassinated in Sarajevo. Roll up. roll up and buy you tickets for Round 3.

    God help us all.

  5. Agreed. The sad fact is if change is to come, well this might be the route. However, things never go to plan. Their plans. Lets hope for that.

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