Food, water, air we are taxed on it all. we have been enslaved.From cradle to grave we serve the system propping up a corrupt few, who live a life we could not imagine.


The headline this week in The Independent once again concerned the shame-faced Barclays Bank. It has been revealed that the financial institution, which recently brought disgrace upon itself by fixing the Libor interest rate, has made around £500m in two years betting on the global food crisis.

It is alleged that Barclays have been speculating on the agriculture commodities market since the deregulation of the banking system in 2000 paved the way forallowed the creation of derivatives trading. A derivative is a financial contract whose value is linked to the expected future price of a particular underlying asset. Originally the contracts were used by farmers to protect themselves from future collapses in the price of their crops. A contract for a fixed price would be drawn up between a farmer and his/her supplier for crops that haven’t yet been grown. However, the value of this contract would eventually…

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