Rachel Corrie – Interview

Sad Day For Humanity, for Corries, Palestinians and People of Conscience Around The World

Israeli Court Whitewashes Killing of U.S. Peace Activist | THE JEENYUS CORNER

The shocking case of state concealed murder.This girls family deserved justice but sadly with a US government fearful of losing it Zionists brothers and sisters this was a verdict promised from the start.
This comment will mostly once again have me ear marked as an antisemite which could not be further from the truth.
Jewish people like Muslim and Christian for that matter are 99% good, normal peace loving people.
The problem with Israel, is that a small portion of Zionist war mongering manipulative people have risen to the top.
They wish guilt the world in to a war that has no solid basis to the rational mind.
I wish this girl an eternity of peace and as for those responsible ….well the opposite applies.

Israeli court: American protester Rachel Corrie’s death an accident

Israeli court rejects Corrie family’s lawsuit

WATCH: Israel bars 100 international activists from crossing into West Bank

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Footage from Rachel’s interview conducted by Middle East Broadcasting Company on March 14th, 2003, two days before she was murdered by the Israeli Defense Forces.

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7 thoughts on “Rachel Corrie – Interview

  1. What a sad waste of life. So true that as well, the majority of Jewry are like the rest of mankind. We all want peace. Of course we are all anti semite for even daring to criticise zionism, zionists and their policies and actions.

    I heard a rabid rabbi, one could say he was a zionist, ranting at we “goy” for being in his land. When asked who’s land he was in, well the usual answers. Chosen, holocaust, histories abuses, pogroms in Russia, kicked out of England……

    When a single minor part of one race are allowed to influence, dictate and direct. Well we ask for trouble. They are as bad as any hard line Islamist, reason does not form part of their being or enter their heads.

    Until they are forced to sit down and talk, well this will continue. Though I feel the reality is these people would rather see everyone evaporated in a mushroom cloud rather than negotiate.

    • Your correct they need to talk this out before the nukes fly.The next question would be who has the “balls” to make them as I don’t think it will be anyone from the US or Europe?

      • No. The governments their are all beholden to them via usury. Germany through guilt. The Scandinavians may attempt it but frankly would the zionists listen? Some of the extreme websites are baying for war, they scare me lad.

        Many zionist Christians in the US are as bad. What we have is Biblical text being translated as people want to hear it. Like parts of the Holy Quran, they see and hear what suits to justify their actions and direction.

        China? Pakistan? We cannot predict this one. Then when have madmen ever been predictable?

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