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  1. http://conspiracyanalyst.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/the-growth-of-the-united-states-police-state-since-911/

    The Growth Of The United States Police State Since 9/11

    In the last ten years, especially after September 11, 2001, our country has changed drastically. The signing of the Patriot Act started a downward spiral into a complete and total takeover of our constitution and way of life. A total “police state” if you will. Criminal elements of our government have us believe that Al Qaeda is hiding under our beds and closets and they will jump out and attack us when least expected. Did you know that our government helped form Al-Qaeda in the 1970′s and our government is helping them in their bid to control the Middle East? The same “enemies” of the U.S. that we are supposed to be afraid of, the same people that perpetrated 9/11, work alongside our own government in the Middle East.

  2. If you needed confirmation of how this operates, look no further than across the pond. In 1970 troops were sent to Ulster to “keep the peace”. After thirty years “peace” was proclaimed. The Troubles were kept alive by an army desperate to justify its existence, spooks desperate to have a domestic playing field and a corrupt police force.
    Mainland Britain became a war zone, social paranoia was rampant for years over terrorism ( still is, they are now supposedly Muslim ) Government imprisoned innocent men and women, interned “suspects” without trial. Meanwhile the terrorists, who were in fact drug dealing and money laundering thugs, were allowed free rein. As were special forces and their client gangs.

    A suspicious Chinook crash kills all MI5, Army Intel and Special Branch on board, they were supposedly in possession of information that could bring down the Irish and British governments. Seriously implicate the US government in nefarious activities.

    There are uncanny parallels. The Republicans were easily beaten, they were allowed to carry on because it suited. Three thousand dead, scores more scarred for life, families broken.

    This was a blueprint for control. The methods work, that is not lost on other governments.

    • you are a fountain of knowledge and always seem to see things the same way as me.
      When will people learn that history is the best teacher and what has happened is destined to happen again if you fail to learn the lesson history has taught.

      • Thank you for the compliment. Its reading, reading and more reading. Along with talking to people. That and boots on the ground. I was lucky really, my grand father raised me. He had survived France 14-18 and was a rare man who talked about it. His descriptions had a lasting effect on me. My dad was a career soldier, he advised me against, but of course we all ignore dads don’t we?

        Well, that moulded my thoughts and along came the internet. Speaking publicly is my first love, writing the second. I like young fellas like you, so many are frankly dumb. If that sounds elitist then fine, I am of an age that other peoples political correctness gets on my wick.

        I was lucky to serve in a good unit. Small and specialised, no decisions were made without “Chinese Parliaments”. Every rank took part and well, we all came home bar two. That I am thankful for. It allows me to try and persuade others not to repeat the past.

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