The writing on the wall?

Covert Geopolitics

This is another article from the WRAM site in connection to the “unexplained disappearance” of US Veterans nationwide… We are expecting the militias to go ahead with their original plan of arresting Cabalists with or without the Pentagon Cavalry anytime from now.

An article titled “Interesting slant on thingsat would give us an idea of the real strength of the US Militias.

Once the go signal is given, we have 24 hours for “last minute” preparation. While all care to make this takedown as smooth as possible, rarely would it happen that an operation such as this one will go about as planned. So be prepared and be alert at all times.

“A message from Michael Mick Webster to all members of United States Civil Defense Assoc. on Constitution for the United…

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  1. Its a trap. That is what is wanted, its a nightmare scenario. The victims in all of this, should it happen, ordinary women, men and children.
    Will the Legions enter Rome? I do not know, one thing I do know having watched this develop for awhile is it has the capacity to split the US for good. If that happens the “cabalists” have free reign to implement their policies. A US with serious domestic disfunction is a sitting target for anything.

    Imagine the military split, states secede, economy shattered. External war as a rallying cry. My God I pray this does not occur.

      • Remember I had read of the UK government amending a wartime “Trading With The Enemy Act”? Put other pieces in a jigsaw, as a lot of us do daily and what do you get? Ridicule.

        Britain has acts on statute from centuries ago. Lost on many, these acts remain law. They can be enacted at the stroke of a ministers pen. Recent terrorism laws are being used by local councils to spy on citizens for putting out rubbish bins on the wrong day.
        CCTV in every town and city, a para military police that kills and the individuals responsible get away with it.

        The main culprits in these scenarios. The blind and deaf population. Now the two societies are different in many ways. The English Civil Wars lead to centuries of oppression that continue to this day. The War of The States never ended really. Push people too far and they react. Even those who are half awake stir from slumber.

        There are many parallels to be drawn from Britain in the run up to WW1. The intelligence services lists of “communists”, women demanding the vote, overseas aliens and just plain awkward folk who would not comply.

        A look at Europe bears the same fruit. France, Germany, many others silently preparing for massive civil unrest. A bankers wet dream.

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