Which come first the new American revolution and civil war or the attack on Syria and world war 3.


Judge Tom Head, a county judge in Lubbock, Texas, announced on a local television station that he would personally join the resistance against a United Nations’ takeover of American sovereignty, which he says will occur if Obama is reelected: [Obama] is going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the United States to the U.N.

By Ian Millhiser, Think Progress

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  1. I would predict Texas will be the first to secede. All it takes is one, then perhaps some of histories wrongs may be righted.

      • I cannot help thinking that people are being pushed toward violence by malevolent forces. I pray that violence is not the route taken. I have seen too much violence used to implement “political change”. To see this daily throughout the world frankly breaks my heart.

        My feelings are that said malevolent forces will take great delight in seeing this within the US. The old race cards are being shuffled daily. Demonisation of veterans, Black Panthers and White Supremacist rubbish peddled and hyped by MSM, encouraged by individuals in government. The none thinking majority feed on this like a rabid shoal, which spreads more the feeding frenzy of speculation. Alternative news has now joined in, making truth harder to filter. Of course this is an elite aim, one of their oldest tricks.

        I am glad I am older, prepped and free thinking. This world frankly sickens me.

  2. I guess these feelings are what we the awakened must face each day.
    We live with the knowledge and see what is coming yet struggle to wake others.
    I feel that there is a strong feeling of compassion that runs in the veins of those that wish to defeat the scum that have scammed and manipulated their way to the top.

    We are subjected to ridicule and name calling and we forgive and continue with our fight.

    We the truth seekers should be held as an example not as a joke.The future may well rest with us.

  3. Those are profound words, and wise ones my friend. You know my faith, I see this daily used as an excuse for violence. As do millions of Muslims and Jews, a myriad of others too.

    You are right too, ridicule goes with the turf. As we saw earlier this week on your site. The agents of change are compassion and knowledge. To forgive is a great thing. However, there are times when to forgive is not possible. I think even at the end of WW2 I read their were still 6 million Nazi Party members. Just as now, we see daily atrocity carried out in our names. We are then criticised or worse for speaking out.

    The Reformation can, and will, win through in the end. The dinosaurs will be moved to make way for better people. I hope they can cope when the anger is finally unleashed.

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