The Plan of Attack – Marketing GRAY STATE

So looking forward to this movie.Lets hope it hits big, the potential to get huge numbers of people asking “why” to today’s problems.


GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1

Hidden Agendas


Published on Aug 7, 2012 by GrayStateMovie

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This film is an extremely ambitious independent project being shot in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Following the many models of success film has for projects made outside of the Hollywood system, Gray State is seeking the funding it needs before plunging into production.

Gray State was conceived in November of 2010 by David Crowley and Danny Mason. The scale and nature of the material indicated that not only did they have an obligation to craft a human story out of the morass, but they had an obligation to tell it properly, far from the typical financial hangups that have become the convention for independent film. They began the process by first developing the narrative through months of slow revisions, and then in the summer of 2011, forged ahead with shooting a concept trailer.

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