Finally the get their just desserts.
Iceland should be held up high as an example to the rest of the world.
The crimes can not continue.
If I walk into a store and take something with out paying I get a jail time, if i am a banker and betray peoples trust and gamble their savings away I get a 50 million bonus!!!!

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  1. Now within there lies the answer. The City of London. Dismantle it, return the land to productivity. Grow food for the poor. The people doing the manual labour? Every corrupt bastard who works there. They work till they drop, then work some more.

    Banking regulation. New local banks are restricted in size. They, along with credit unions lend at 0% interest to local people only.

    The big families? Arrest and put on trial at The Hague. Their wealth given away to Africa and other areas they have historically raped for their own greed.

    Iceland proves this, where there is a will, there is a way. Every damned politician, corporate worker or exec. Every warmongering whoreson, try them, treason is a good charge, to start with. Treason against their fellow man, not just their country.

    Then, well then guard against it ever happening again. Big time mafioso? They will soon get the message. Knowing a hole in the ground is where you will spend your final years on earth, or you will stretch a rope, is a big deterrent.

      • A fine aim and one which I and others pursue. Given the sycophancy I have seen this summer with the jubilee, then these elitist olympics, well fear we have a long way to go.

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