A cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

This is the obvious plan, we can see that the collapsing of European and American currencies will bring people crawling on their hands and knees to do what ever they are told in order to protect the things that own them.
Wake up world we need to fight this tooth and nail ….if you want to keep what little freedom you have left.

6 thoughts on “A cashless Society May Be Closer Than Most People Would Ever Dare To Imagine

  1. A recent ‘news’ story which made TV news etc in the UK was Cameron telling the nation that paying people cash was immoral especially during these tough times because it allowed them to evade (funding illegal wars) tax.

    Yes he actually said “immoral”.

    They will use the idea of tax dodgers (meaning YOU have to pay more tax) to bring in the cashless society (problem – reaction – solution).

    Of course in reality more people paying tax won’t help bring taxes down, it will just allow government to get even bigger, borrow even more money, start even more wars, instal even more CCTV etc.

      • Indeed.

        IMHO the future hinges entirely on whether the masses view the state as valid, moral, legitimate or not.

        If enough people are able to see that the state is not valid, moral or legitimate then even an economic crash and eradication of cash would only serve to bring society together more. (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.) In fact it would only speed up the evolution of civilisation to a more sensible peaceful and voluntary society ie a society NOT run by a single agency which has the monopolistic legal right to use violence to get what it wants.

        This change that is well overdue. Governments are a legacy of the pre – industrial/ technology/ information ages. A legacy of the dark ages.

        However, if the masses remain convinced that the state is still somehow valid, moral and legitimate then we are all doomed… for they will have mistaken the disease for the cure. And they will insist of more government control, more government power and more government violence to fix society’s worsening problems.

        – And this all leads back to the MSM again, being as they are most responsible for portraying government power and violence as the cure for all social and economic problems, when it is fact the disease tearing civilisation apart.

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