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If he feels so responsible grab a rifle and get to the front line.
A warmongering coward who will hide behind his office while the world goes to hell in a hand basket.



Update on Israel, Iran, EU, US, UN and the Rest

Israel’s image is deteriorating internationally: UK ambassador

When the United States terminated World War II by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Soviets did two things: they invaded Sakhalin Island to grab the most territory before peace was declared, and they rushed development of their own nukes (based on plans stolen from the Manhattan Project by Klaus Fuchs and other Communist spies). The long stand-off of the Cold War started with a series of warning explosions by Stalin’s USSR and American atmospheric explosions. Those warning shots stopped World War III and turned it into the Cold War. They kept the peace — not a perfect peace, but infinitely better than nuclear war.

When in the early 1970s India and Pakistan were in a secret race for nuclear weapons (the CIA as usual suspecting nothing), they exchanged nuclear warning shots. In India, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi — irony of ironies — ordered a nuclear test in 1974. India’s secret nuclear program was called Smiling Buddha, which throws a whole new light on Buddhism.

In 1998 India conducted another test, and Pakistan immediately exploded five bombs. Naturally, the BBC was “shocked, shocked,” though the West had done nothing effective to stop nuclear proliferation. Pakistan was aided by China and Libya, and probably financed by the Saudis, who like the idea of an off-the-shelf bomb they can import any time to protect against Iranian aggression. In any case, Pakistan and India both have nukes, and they are not at war. Pakistan closes its eyes to cross-border terrorism against India on a regular basis, as Muslim nations generally do. India is heavily involved in Afghanistan, in splitting Bangladesh from current Pakistan, and in various nefarious deeds against Pakistan the Indians keep well-hidden.

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  1. I do so admire this man and his government. He manages to sell the image of poor little Israel so well. At the same time stifling debate within Israel about the direction he and others take.

    Make no mistake, this man will prove to be one of histories most reviled and hated. His plans are to start a war. He objects to anything and everything that is not pro zionist, not Israeli or Jewry, zionist. He deploys nuclear weapons with impunity, and would use them at the drop of a hat, against anybody. His secret service murder with impunity, his army terrorises civilians on a par with Hitler or Stalin.

    I would not trust or believe one word he utters. The answer to his control lies within the US. Whilst zionism is allowed to infiltrate every aspect of US life, this will continue. An interesting dynamic exists within Europe to this man and his party. Germany apart, there is a deep mistrust of him and rightly so.

    The day that ordinary Israelis reject these vile men, their ideas and methods, then we will see real progress toward a peace that lasts.
    Until then, hang on to your hats, the ride is about to get rough.

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