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  1. “The banker is the number one threat to our sovereignty.” I must disagree with that. These banks, aka bankers, were forced by Democrat polices (under Clinton, called the Reinvestment Act) to loan money to people who couldn’t afford to buy a home..The Democrats in the Obama regime are doing the same thing now.. which could well be the total collapse of our economy.
    Not saying all bankers are good guys, there’s corruption everywhere, but these a failed liberal policies.,forced on us by democrats. Gov. butting in to the economy, by using massive amount of laws and restricts is the problem. Bankers would have been taken to court by Janet Reno if they hadn’t complied… and so Freddie and Fannie, run by liberals got wealthy and the housing market crashed.
    Marxist policies never work.

    • There is enough blame to go around that’s for sure.
      We need to see some truth, we need to see some justice.
      Start with the bankers and we can open an investigation and see where it goes.
      I am Looking to Iceland, they alone (so far) have been the country that has moved along the right path.
      They have arrested those at the top of the banking cabals and had open investigations, the rest of Europe and the US continue to hide the truth and pander to these banks demands.
      Like you say there are people at the top in government who are guilty and they control the system, so as long as they can keep perpetuating their lies we will suffer and not see any truth.

  2. All the complications aside, I am infuriated at the lack of prosecution for the crimes and rip-offs. Use that 200 page Patriot Act. The megacorps and banksters have conducted economic warfare and treason on USA citizens and institutions.

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