Assassination Nation: The Fifty Year U.S. Killing Spree

This is what many fail to see.These plans have been place a long long time the powers that be have been pulling the strings to steer us to the mess we find ourselves in today.

2 thoughts on “Assassination Nation: The Fifty Year U.S. Killing Spree

  1. I love the historical hypocrisy of all this. It also makes my blood boil. I lost several friends in The South Atlantic war. Many of the Argentine junta’s officers were trained by the US military, they openly boasted the fact. It was not lost on many of us that they had been trained by our “ally” and friend. Since then, requests for further information meet an official wall of silence.

    When history judges empires, it concentrates on negative aspects. This is one of the most negative aspects of the US empirical adventure. The world of spook / contractor / corporate scheming is a nightmare. The fact that Afghan drug money is laundered by NGOs and western banks, finances CIA operations, is this the mark of civilisation? No, it is, like the British empire before it, a sickness.

    I have read recently that the spook world now take their orders directly from Wall St. and The City. I see no reason to disbelieve this. As for soldiers who participate in these activities, well they now rank along with spooks on my hate list. The one topped by bankers and politicians.

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