As we all knew they would from the start of this.
It is all part of their greater plan next step Iran.

Replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppets is official US policy. So is war on Islam.After Soviet Russia dissolved, Muslims replaced communists as public enemy number one. Since the 1990s, millions were ruthlessly killed. Many more die daily. Dozens succumb every day in Syria. US-sponsored death squads murder them.On July 20 or 21st, Ramadan began. It continues for 30 days until August 18. It’s a time for prayer, fasting, reflection, spiritual purification, self-sacrifice, charity, and forgiveness.On July 20, Obama hypocritically “extend(ed) warmest wishes to” American and global Muslims. He wished them a “blessed month.” He did it despite official US policy to murder them. It doesn’t stop in deference to Ramadan, Christmas, or any other time of year.

He contemptuously expressed support for their determination to achieve “democracy,” “equality,” “justice,” and “universal rights.” He said his administration stands forthrightly with them.

He lied. He’s a serial liar. He’s also a war criminal multiple times over.

America deplores these values at home and abroad. It won’t tolerate them. They’re anathema to the nation’s imperium. It seeks unchallenged global dominance. Ravaging the world one country at a time or in multiples is policy to achieve it.

Plans to get Security Council authorization for war failed. Russia and China vetoed three resolutions.Vladimir Putin said no to Libya 2.0.

He denounced efforts to circumvent Security Council authority. He said Russian National Security Council members deplore Western attempts to link ongoing violence to Moscow’s position.

Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov called Washington’s statements “hypocritical.” He added that America subverts efforts to urge opposition leaders to dialogue responsibly with Assad.

He called Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice accusations “absolutely unacceptable.”

Taking aim at Washington and Britain primarily, Russia’s UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said don’t “be misled by humanitarian discourse by some countries.”

“The policies on Syria are more geopolitical than humanitarian.”

“Unfortunately, the consequences of these policies will make the conflict and bloodshed continuous.”

He indicated that so-called aid is a prelude and pretext for military intervention, adding:

“The US and the UK intervened in Iraq under the most sublime of pretexts, causing (massive numbers of) civilian (deaths), let alone the displaced people inside and outside Iraq.”

Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich warned of serious consequences if Washington intention circumvents Security Council authority and intervenes directly in Syria’s internal affairs.

He said doing so constitutes “a very very alarming signal.” He rejected US retaliatory threats. He criticized congressional action and Western media denunciations.

Russia’s Duma International Affairs Committee Chairman Aleksey Pushkov called Western nations’ position on Syria political cover to escalate tensions. He rejected calls for unilateral approaches.

He accused Washington and so-called “Friends of Syria” of “double standards.” On the one hand, they support diplomatic solutions. On the other, they further violence, bloodshed, and resolving Syria’s conflict militarily. Russia stands firmly opposed.

Last week, Washington upped the stakes. Killing Syrian officials at Damascus National Security headquarters Wednesday was strategically timed.

They happened ahead of the latest Western Security Council scheme to authorize military intervention. It failed. At the same time, battles raged in and around Damascus and elsewhere. They failed.

Efforts were made to hijack Syria’s satellite channel frequencies and silence other state run online media. The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) was repeatedly hacked and shut down. On Sunday it was operating. It and other Syrian media remain vulnerable.

So far Western and complicit regional attempts to destabilize, weaken, and perhaps bring down the government failed. Expect continued schemes to topple Assad and his regime.

On July 21, a New York Times editorial headlined “Stymied at UN, US Refines Plan to Remove Assad,” saying:

Obama officials “abandoned efforts for a diplomatic settlement to the conflict in Syria, and instead it is increasing aid to the rebels and redoubling efforts to rally a coalition of like-minded countries to forcibly bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad, American officials say.”

Obama officials are meeting with Israeli, Turkish, and Western counterparts. They’re also discussing policy with Syrian opposition leaders.

Internal Washington “daily high-level meetings” are held. At issue is Plan B “to help map out a possible post-Assad government.”

“The administration has had regular talks with the Israelis about how Israel might move to destroy Syrian weapons facilities, administration officials said.”

Washington is directly involved in arming, funding, training, and directing Syrian opposition mercenaries. They’re cutthroat killers. They’re enlisted to commit mass murder.

They target pro-Assad civilians and others randomly. Expect stepped up efforts ahead of direct Western and/or regional allies’ intervention.

Unnamed US officials said:

“You’ll notice in the last couple of months, the opposition has been strengthened. Now we’re ready to accelerate that.”

According to hawkish, pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) member Andrew Tabler:

“We’re looking at the controlled demolition of the Assad regime.”

He left unsaid that official Washington policy includes all options. They include full-scale war.

International Crisis Group member Robert Malley warned of “war that never ends.” Syrians won’t tolerate being ruled by elements now fighting them.

Josh Rogin reports on national security, foreign policy, and defense issues. On July 20, his Foreign Policy article headlined “Inside the quiet effort to plan for a post-Assad Syria,” saying:

Senior Syrian opposition group representatives are meeting covertly in Germany. The State Department provides funding.

For “the last six months,” they’ve been working with so-called US Institute for Peace (USIP) members. They’re planning a post-Assad government.

USIP is a pro-Western front group. According to the Weekly Standard:

Washington supplies millions of dollars. “Since 1985, taxpayers have forked over more than $720 million (inflation adjusted).”

“That has included support for a gleaming new 150,000 square foot office building in the shadow of that other taxpayer-supported institution (allegedly) devoted to peace: the State Department.”

USIP’s Steven Heydemann heads the initiative. In June, he met with Friends of Syria representatives in Istanbul. The project is called:

“The day after: Supporting a democratic transition in Syria.” Heydemann said USIP is “working in a support role with a large group of opposition groups to define a transition process for a post-Assad Syria.”

USIP shortly plans releasing a report. It’s a regime change strategy document. Implementing initial priorities needs to start now, said Heydemann. He disingenuously claims pushing Assad from power isn’t discussed.

“We have very purposely stayed away from contributing to the direct overthrow of the Assad regime,” he said. “Our project is called ‘the day after.’ There are other groups working on the day before.”

Of course, they’re interconnected. As the lyrics to the well-known spiritual “Dem Bones” say, the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, etc.

USIP board chairman J. Robinson West is a corporate CEO (PFC Energy). President Richard H. Solomon is a former Assistant Secretary of State. Vice chairman of the board George E. Moose is a former Assistant Secretary of State.

Other board members include:

Judy Van Rest: right-wing International Republican Institute (ISI) executive vice president.

Michael H. Posner: Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor.

Of course, all US administrations deplore these values. They tolerate none of them at home or abroad.

James N. Miller: Obama’s Under Secretary of Defense for Policy

Nancy McEldowney: Interim president of the National Defense University (NDU).

Eric S. Edelman: A retired US Foreign Service Career Minister. He also held senior Defense Department positions.

Judy Ansley: Previously she held various high-level national security and Senate staff positions.

Syrian opposition members support violently overthrowing Assad’s government. Most Syrians support it. In May, free, fair, and open parliamentary elections were held. Ruling party members won most seats.

Washington, key NATO partners, and so-called Friends of Syria don’t recognize them. They represent Syria, not Western interests.

Replacing them with subservient puppets is policy. USIP was enlisted to help. It’s a wrongly named imperial tool. It supports war, not peace. It’s well paid for furthering Washington’s imperium. Destroying Syria is prioritized.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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The immediacy of the peril, DEBKAfile’s military sources report, has speeded the arrival of Russian warships to Syria to counter a potential Western, Arab or Israeli assault on the embattled country.
The Russian Ministry of Defense, which rarely discloses Russian military movements outside its borders, announced early Wednesday morning, July 25 that a fleet of Russian warships had passed through the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean.

The fleet is headed by the anti-submarine and anti-aircraft Admiral Chabanenko warship and consists of another three vessels carrying a large number of Russian marines. This fleet will rendezvous with a Russian flotilla standing by in the Mediterranean since July 21, detached from Russian Black Fleet and composed of the Smetlivy figate and  two large landing craft loaded with Russian marines. This group awaited the main force before approaching Syria.
The fact that Russia is massing large numbers of marines off the Syrian coast looks as though a landing on Syrian soil is on Moscow’s cards.

Deputy Iranian Revolutionary Guard chief, Gen. Masoud Jazayeri, warned on Tuesday, July 24, that Tehran would not permit regime change in Damascus and if Syria’s enemies intervened, Iran would hit them hard. The Iranian commander pointed a finger at Saudi Arabia and Qatar, adding that the US and Israel are at the forefront of the comprehensive campaign against Syria but are being beaten back.
This was the first time Tehran had explicitly threatened military intervention in Syria.

Wednesday, Turkey shut its border crossings to Syria. Military sources in Ankara confirmed that massive Turkish military strength had been on the move toward the Syrian border.

Read more here:

Syria conflict: Assad’s fall ‘matter of time’ – ex-UN observer

The former head of the UN observer mission in Syria says it is “only a matter of time” until President Bashar al-Assad’s government falls.

But Norwegian Maj Gen Robert Mood, who left Syria last week, said Mr Assad’s fall would not necessarily mean an end to the 16-month-old conflict.

Syrian forces renewed their assault on the northern city of Aleppo on Friday.

The US state department says it fears Syrian government forces are preparing to carry out a massacre there.

The pro-government al-Watan newspaper warned that the “mother of all battles” was about to start.

‘Reports of atrocities’

“In my opinion it is only a matter of time before a regime that is using such heavy military power and disproportional violence against the civilian population is going to fall,” Maj Gen Mood told the Reuters news agency.

Continue reading the main story

Mood’s mission

  • 14 April: UN Security Council votes to send monitors to oversee implementation of ceasefire as part of envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan
  • 20 April: Maj Gen Mood, former chief of staff of Norwegian army, appointed as mission head
  • 28 May: UN observer team visits Houla area of Homs, counting at least 32 children among more than 90 bodies
  • 16 June: Mood grounds observers after violence obstructs their work
  • 20 June: Mood tells UN observers were deliberately targeted by hostile crowds and gunfire at least 10 times
  • 20 July: UN votes to extend mission for final 30 days but Mood resigns

Separately, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay appealed to both sides to spare civilians, citing concerns of “the likelihood of an imminent major confrontation”.


Syria conflict: Assad’s fall ‘matter of time’ – ex-UN observer

3 thoughts on “

  1. By Amarji

    If the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is Damascus, and it is, the second oldest continuously inhabited city in the world is Aleppo. It, too, is getting pounded these days. Today, Russian-made jet fighters got involved in the action. Yet, the world keeps watching mesmerized as a cobra facing a snake charmer.
    Tuesday July 24, 2012
    Today’s Death toll: 182. The Breakdown: 46 in Hama, 22 in HOms, 27 in Aleppo, 20 in Daraa, 12 in Damascus and suburbs, 7 in Idlib, 6 in Lattakia, 6 in Deir Ezzor, 3 in Hassakeh ad 1 in Qunaitra.
    Cities & Towns Under Shelling: Harasta, Arbeen, Moadamiyah, Haran Al-Awameed, Zabadani, Madaya, Eltal, Dmeir, Hameh, Yelda, Rankous, Qarrah (Damascus Suburbs), Sit Zeinab, Al-Qadam, Modan, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, Yarmouk, Kafar Sousseh, Mazzeh, Qaboun, Barzeh (Damascus City), Daraa City, Khirbet Al-Ghazaleh, Tafas, Bostra Al-Sham, Na’eemah, Mseifrah, Jimreen, Hraak (Daraa), Rastan, Talbisseh, Houla, Tal Kalakh, Al-Qusayr, Al-Hosn, Al-Ghanto, Al-Bouaydah, Old Homs (Homs Province), Hreitan, Elbab, Eizaz, Marei, Bayanoun (Aleppo Province), Haffeh, Jabal Al-Akrad (Lattakia), Deir Ezzor City, Mouhassan, Albou Kamal (Deir Ezzor Province), Kafar Zeiteh, Hawash, Shahshabo, Hama City (Hama Province), Jabal Al-Zawiyeh, Maar’at Al-Nouman, Saraqib, Maar Shoureen, Ariha (Idlib)
    The Syrian Ambassador in Cyprus has reportedly defected.
    The regime reportedly pulled thousands of forces from Jabal Al-Zawiyah region in Idlib Province and sent them to Aleppo City, leaving the Jabal Al-Zawiyah region effectively “liberated.”
    Rebel-Held Land Could Be Safe Haven in Syria, Clinton Says
    Syrian artillery pounds Damascus suburb forcing mass exodus
    Warplanes circle and helicopters strike as battle for Syria’s Aleppo intensifies
    Aleppo eyewitness: Syria warplanes bomb city
    Official: Reinforcements head to Syria’s largest city
    General Confirms Defection From Syria (video)
    Conservatives call on Obama to establish ‘safe zones’ in Syria
    Top Senators can’t explain Romney’s Syria policy
    Arab League, Turkey predict Assad’s demise
    Syria’s Bashar al-Assad should go, says Arab League
    Iraqi Kurds train their Syrian brethren
    Op-Eds & Special Reports
    Golan Heights Provides Glimpse Of Syrian Conflict
    Syria Revolt Takes Toll on Teacher Who Says World Fails
    Syria’s Rag-Tag Rebel Army’s Sophisticated Campaigns
    Syria: The number of displaced civilians grows (+video)
    A brief take on my encounter with Assef Shawkat: The day I met Syria’s Mr Big
    We used to count individual martyrs, now we count massacres. Each day a number of massacres are perpetrated across the country by pro-Assad militias, especially in the provinces of Daraa, Damascus, Homs, Hama, Idilb and Aleppo.
    Video Highlights
    In their attempt to hide, justify, whitewash the atrocities and massacres perpetrated by pro-Assad militias and to keep painting the rebels as terrorists, official and pro-Assad media sometimes contradict each other in their attempt at distorting the truth. The truth in this case is that pro-Assad militias stormed the apartment of a local activist in Midan District in Damascus City, tortured and then executed him in cold blood. But Addounia TV, ran by Assad’s cousin, Rami Makhlouf, reported that the activist was killed by “terrorists,” while the state-owned Al-Akhbaraya showed the same scene and claimed the man was himself a terrorist killed by local security forces in a showdown. Addounia showed the man with his hands tied behind his backs, but Al-Akhbariyah’s cameraman avoided showing the hands
    A MIG over the skies of Aleppo City Locals in different parts of the city keep stumbling on dead bodies that seem to have been executed by pro-Assad militias
    Pro-Assad militias commit a new massacre in Sharia, Hama Province, , ,
    Elsewhere in Hama, activists find unidentified bodies in the village of Kafranboudeh
    In Idlib Province, the pounding of the town of Ariha continues ,
    The pounding of Talbisseh and other towns in Homs Province continues , The pounding of Homs City: Jouret Al-Shayah,
    Damascus Suburbs, the pounding of Eltal continues
    Ion Hraak, Daraa Province, locals bury the victims of today’s shelling A closer look at the victims,

    Read more at Syrian Revolution Digest

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