Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged


There Are People Who Think The Batman Shooting Was Staged By The Government

This is developing minute by minute.
A tragedy.
We will see this used to argue for tighter controls a story which is slowly unfolding it seems to be a lone nut but we need to know more on the gunmen.


#Cartoon – #Denver #Batman massacre: masked gunman shoots dead 12

The Dark Nut

Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

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MAYDAY! The Lone-Wolf Rises during the Dark Knight

(Image) The Joker: Aurora Batman Conspiracy Shooter appears Mind-Controlled in Court

How will the Denver shootings be used?

Update: HIGH STRANGNESS – lack of information on James Holmes prior to shooting


A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels: Proverbs 1:5 PPSIMMONS is the source for information on credible conspiracy probabilities we believe are valid enough to take seriously – and we believe some of them are simply not being taken seriously enough.

Our youtube channel is full of material dealing with, for example, the birther “conspiracy” which, as it turns out, gets closer to a probability every day. So check that out when you get a moment. You’ll be amazed when you learn that the man in the White House is a fraud with no credible documentation showing where he was born or even who his biological father might be.

But here’s a conspiracy that might be a little easier to prove. The Aurora, Co theater shooter named James Holmes who allegedly turned himself in immediately following the shooting was shown in court recently looking like this:

We posted a story here soon after the shooting which detailed the obvious signs of a staged event. Now this picture is giving even more evidence to support reasons to believe there may be more going on here than a simple open and shut case involving a nut-case on the loose pretending to be the Joker.

You see it all the time in movies. Someone gets caught, jailed, and then arranges to be replaced by someone else who takes the fall. And now we have that very scenario playing out here in Colorado… maybe.

You see, we also have a picture of James Holmes released to the media prior to the court footage release. That’s right – we have two pictures to compare… and yes… they have been compared. Here is the earlier picture released of James Holmes. Holmes, 24, is seen in this undated handout picture released by The University of Colorado in this July 20, 2012 file photo.

Now it may be easy at first glance to simply buy the story here and there are some vague similarities in the shape of the head but take a close look at a side-by-side image.

The ear thing can be explained by the camera angle but the nose? How about those eyes? Clearly this is not the same person. What’s going on here? Who was in that courtroom? Could it be that this whole event was staged by the anti-2nd amendment crowd (UN et al)? Could it be that some drug-addicted patsy was trotted out in front of the cameras to scape-goat the massacre in Colorado? Could it be that a branch or branches of the US government would kill their own people to disarm the masses? In a word – yes.


The Jeenyus Corner

By Mike Adams

James Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter who reportedly opened fire at a Batman movie premiere, was a medical student at the University of Colorado, pursuing a PhD in neuroscience, reports ABC News. (…)

As part of the attack, Holmes painted his hair red and referred to himself as “The Joker,” one of the arch enemies in the DC Comics-inspired Batman movie series. (…)

According to news reports, this sudden violent rampage was completely out of character for James Holmes, who was described as “shy.”

The New York Times is now reporting:
Billy Kromka, a pre-med student at the University of Colorado, Boulder, worked with Mr. Holmes for three months last summer as a research assistant in a lab of at the Anschutz Medical Campus. Mr. Kromka said he was surprised to learn Mr. Holmes was the shooting suspect. “It was just…

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29 thoughts on “Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged

  1. There is a worst incident by one man than the Batman shooting. A man from Egypt, Gameel Hamed Al-Batouti had killed all 216 people by downing the airplane out of revenge to the Atlantic Ocean!

    • Yes that is worse but a different situation.This story had echoes of past gun attacks and seems to be suspicious.The timing is just when they needed a big incident in-order to impose gun control.
      I am not a big fan of guns but do see that they are the only thing keeping the government back from a complete take over of the US.
      If they succeed in the US it will not be long before other countries fall under the control of this banker cabal, if indeed they have not already.

      • I agree Cheese. It is not beyond these evil so and so’s to exploit a vulnerable person. An interesting point about guns. They do protect, in Switzerland every household has an automatic and ammo. Militia.
        In Britain, after Hungerford, draconian controls were brought in. Has it made a difference? No, Dunblane happened. Recently two disturbed men rampaged recently taking life using licensed shotguns and .22 rifles. Gun crime has increased since more regulation. Handguns are common in cities, they are easy to get hold of.

        The fact that US gun ownership has mushroomed recently speaks volumes. Citizens do not trust federal government. It really is the one thing that is stopping total dictatorship.

      • Cheese,

        It is good to see someone else who thinks this shooting may have been staged.
        I find it suspicious also due to the fact that Obama is going to sign the UN Arms Treaty this Friday. All of the outrage about gun control right before this treaty is very suspicious to me. And I don’t put anything past this administration.

      • you idiots, i live in switerland, and i can defenetly tell you that no one owns a gun, exept for Heidi’s uncle probably.. and it is defenetly not comon in europe to own a gun not even in big cities… these tye of massacres.. aparently with no reason except fun… happens only in you blessed contry… Good luck!!!!

  2. I just woke up from a Nightmare about the Colorado shooting. And I’m not from colorado. To hearing that those innocent people who were badly hurt and killed just so they can pass the UN small arms treaty. I know it was a False flag and I want a Deeper investigation into this.

  3. Cheese,

    I see one of your other readers would like a thorough investigation into this dubious shooting, but it will never happen. Look who we have as Attorney General, Holder. I truly believe that Fast and Furious was concocted by the Evil Doer in the WH along with his buddy, Holder.

    Oh, btw, thanks for putting a like on one of my articles.

    • no problem.We are of a like mind when it comes to this BS my compliments on your blog.
      This is so blatant as false flags go it may blow back in their faces and wake a lot more people to what is really going on.
      It is a tragedy that so many had to die for a power crazed few and their evil plan and diabolical dream.

      • Cheese,

        That is how my husband feels. He fought in Korea against communism. Now he is livid that here we are turning into a communist country. He wonders why did he have to go to Korea only to have this evil here. He was in Special Forces and still to this day, the memories turn into nightmares for him.

        I do hope this plot blows up in the Deviant’s face. He is so determined to disarm us. Did you know that when he was in the Illinois Senate he introduced a bill to ban all and any guns in the whole of Illinois?
        Luckily for Illinois the bill did not pass. So he’s a gun grabber from way back.

        Yes, it is a tragedy that so many people have to die for this creep. I keep hoping and praying our military will do something about him. If we ever needed our military this is the time!

        btw I put you on my blogroll. I like these articles you have up.

      • Thanks pepperhawk.

        I have just reblogged a post that covers a coup plot to overthrow Obama.

        You and your husband are on the money with the communist comments although I believe it will be in a new form that will require a new title.

        We have read about Barry attending communist meetings when he was younger, he tried to cover this up with the disposal Andrew Breitbart.

        Darker days ahead I fear.

  4. Keep drinking the cool-aid. This was not staged. Is it so hard for you to believe that this guy is just evil and wanted ti kill allot of people? That’s all this was. And anyone who would have shot back at him would’ve cause more casualties. Picture it he has body armor on, a drum of ammo. It’s black in the theater, tear gas is all over the place and you don’t have any protection. On top of that people are running back in forth trying to escape. You would’ve hurt more people then you would’ve saved. I am a gun owner and I see no need for a AR15 to protect my family. My Mossberg will do the job fine. My God you really think the way to solve the problem is by throwing more guns at it. We need to get assault weapons out of civilian hands period!

    • I and many others are questioning this because as you say ” Picture it he has body armor on, a drum of ammo” this included a gas mask and head covering.He was so geared up that he was at first mistaken for a police officer.
      We question the story as they had the hair colour of a guy wearing full head covering?
      there were reports of more than one shooter and the guys history just doesn’t support it.He has links to DARPA and many other suspicious tit bits.

      I hope he was lone nut as if not it shows just how far those in power will go to get what they want.

      I agree with you that no one needs an AR15 but as we have seen in the past a rule that is introduced off the back of something like this is a broad brush stroke and there is a place for the second amendment and this will be used to remove that.

    • Abe, I reply as an Englishman, not an American. If I may say to you, from one of the most restricted, gun wise and otherwise, countries on Gods planet, the following.

      You state clearly in your response that “assault weapons” need to be out of civilian hands. Surely then you advocate gun control? A slippery slope that. They will take your Mossberg Sir and leave you with a shotgun. Then they will take that. Either that, or like me and a million others, you will be severely restricted on what you can own. After our mass shootings, the anti gun lobby have always successfully called for more control. After Hungerford, well we were banned from having .22 pistols or any calibre handgun, even outside a gun club, supervised and kept there. Pump action shotguns are illegal, unless they only carry two cartridges. Our .22 pistol team train in France.

      You state more hands in the arms of civilians is a bad thing. I would say the opposite. It is only having the freedom to own arms that guarantees your freedom. Restrict that, well perhaps you support Hilary Clinton signing a UN document that takes away 1500 years of Anglo Saxon tradition at a stroke? I do not know your stance on that.

      Finally, “Cool aid” drinkers eh? Fine, have your opinions, that is your right, protected under The Constitution, which also protects those rights. For the moment.
      Go think friend, count your blessings. Because take it from one who fights tooth and nail to get things back, things that have been lost. Once they have gone, you will wonder what the hell is that you have entered.

      • That should be arms in the hands of course, deliberately placed to ensure reader attention 🙂

      • The guy does not see the wider picture as with so many when an event like this occurs they become blinkered by it.
        The day they abolish the second amendment he will regret not being open to the idea that these attacks by government on their own citizens do happen and this was one.
        Thanks for another great comment cromwellswar.

  5. Hmnn…our society has evolved into one where youths attack strangers on the street for amusement, mobs beat people and trash and steal property using “protest’ as an excuse and individual nutcases shoot down innocents to gain attention. It seems a pretty consistent picture of our ‘post Christian’ era. Remove the restraints, don’t act surprised by unrestrained acts, right?

    Sure, those wishing to disarm our society leaped onto the opportunity as always; that’s what they do; Pavlov Rules! And our “brilliant” apparent (very amateurish) shooter has hushed up, lawyered up and developed amnesia. He doesn’t seem likely to enjoy the fruits of his assignment if that’s what it was, does he?

    (Could there be a conspiracy to discover conspiracies..?).

    • I look at this and see all the conditions of what I used to refer to as “brain engineering”. It is not beyond belief, it is possible. The crudest form is persuading a human to strap on a vest. That for a belief system. My civil war ancestors went to Naseby and Marston Moor singing Psalms. The past three generations of my male kin, including me, have gone off with a padres blessings. It is not beyond men to carry out evil with a little psychological tuning to the noggin.
      Now, given that as a fact. What about chemical and psychological conditioning? Modern drugs ( I worked in adult psychiatry ) are powerful,many have unknown long term effects.

      Shit, sorry I forgot. I drink cool aid and wear tinfoil on my bonce.Time for my depo injection 😉

  6. The only terrorists Americans have to worry about are the criminals that run this country!

    Just like the assassination of Judge Roll in Arizona, this has CIA, MK-ULTA written all over it.

    Same recipe, convenient timing!

    Wake UP Deniers! We are under assault. Get you heads out of your asses or you won’t have one much longer. (NDAA, Patriot Act, Obamacare, drone killings, NSA data mining center, internet kill switch, gun control, TSA, checkpoints, fast and furious, Guatemalan syphilis experiment, Tuskegee Airman syphilis experiment, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, Remember the Maine, Lusitania, no our government wouldn’t stage a terrorist attack. WAKE UP! )

    “I tremble for my country when I realize God is just.”

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