yes we do.I for one do not like the term Conspiracy Theorists I feel truth seeker is more accurate.
This week I had to do battle with a closed mind

The result being a threat of being reported to site moderators!!!

Sadly there are those that will never wake.I for one will not stop searching I will not stop questioning and have faith that the day is near when the truth will be revealed.

5 Conspiracies made against Conspiracy Theorists

Climate Change Deniers and Conspiracy Theories

What Kind of Conspiracy Theorist Are You?

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  1. It is righteous to seek truth. I am a Christian, Jesus has taught me many things,my life has gone down many roads. Always, at the end of that road I have found truth.

    I have many secular, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh friends. Most will tell you one thing. Truth is the most precious commodity for mankind, to seek, speak and think truthfully is the ultimate goal. Mankind has been lied to, an internet Reformation is undoing those lies. Those that peddle lies have panicked of late. They realise their plans are being unravelled. They have agents of deceit everywhere, even other bloggers.

    I say one thing to these closed minds, what are you scared of? Why must they mock a truth seeker. My theory is they, like their masters feel threatened. I study English history, it is my passion. From Lollard to internet truth seeker we have one desire. Freedom of thought, not controlled or directed by another. From being able to read the Bible in your own language, to finding the truth behind a myriad of lies going back centuries. This is what we collectively seek.

    So, you insecure and small minded puppets of Leviathan. Get out of the way, lest you be trampled underfoot. I respect you as fellow humans, I do not respect your shallow attempts to control others thoughts and actions.

    Molon Labe

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