Mars revealing the truth.

Opportunity Rover Captures Own Shadow, Giant Mars CraterCredit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ.NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity catches its own late-afternoon shadow in this dramatically lit view eastward across Endeavour Crater on Mars. The rover used the panoramic camera (Pancam) between about 4:30 and 5:00 p.m. local Mars time (mostly on March 9, 2012) to record images taken through different filters and combined into this mosaic view.


We see more and more pictures from the red planet. They look more impressive the better the technology we use to reveal the planets secrets.

The great bulk of the satellite imaging evidence in this book is very fundamental and, although often strange looking, it’s right in one’s face so plain and obvious that you’ll at first be incredulous as to how it could have been missed by so many and for so long. In fact, it is some of the most powerful visual planetary evidence you will ever see short of walking on this world and seeing it face to face and it obviously goes against the science community consensus that Mars is a super dry hard frozen dead world.

Mars: surface water


Mars: forest bio-life

Mars forest bio-lifeMars forest bio-life1Mars forest bio-life2Mars forest bio-life3Mars forest bio-life4Mars forest bio-life5Mars forest bio-life6Mars forest bio-life7Mars forest bio-life8Mars forest bio-life9Mars forest bio-life10Mars forest bio-life11

Mars evidence directory>

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We have seen Mars go from a red blob, to a red gaseous hellish place, to an image not dissimilar to deserts on earth. Some would say that this in preparation for the news that we are not alone. We saw the claims of bacterial life on the planet back in 2011 Nasa scientists said that gas emissions could have either a geological or biological source. Life is responsible for more than 90 per cent of the Earth’s atmospheric methane experts believe there is a good chance that organisms produced the gas emissions on mars as large as some of those seen on Earth.

This “some say” is all part of a larger project that sees the government controlling the flow of information regarding Extraterrestrial life.

This project is known as the Disclosure project.

The World-wide Disclosure movement  was launched in Denver on June 18, 2009.

Steven M. Greer MD, founder and director of The Disclosure Project

launched the world-wide Disclosure movement to end UFO secrecy and is currently advising members of Congress, foreign heads of state, and figures very close to the Obama Administration on how to best control currently illegal classified projects related to UFOs.

These projects, which are embedded within a number of military, intelligence and corporate operations, have been managed without the oversight of Congress or the President of the United States since at least the late 1950s.At his keynote address in Denver on June 18, 2009, Dr. Greer will review past briefings with world leaders and outline current Disclosure Project initiatives to brief those in Washington and other world capitals on the UFO subject.

Dr. Greer has provided briefings for the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Director of Intelligence for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and many members of Congress, among others. For the most part, these senior leaders have been systematically denied access to projects connected to the UFO subject.Dr. Greer states, “These projects have been managed illegally for over 50 years and as such constitute a grave threat to our US national security.

The central reason for the secrecy is directly connected to the corrupting influence of special interests in the oil, energy, and financial sectors, since the Disclosure of the sciences related to UFO energy and propulsion systems would quickly end our addiction to oil and coal. This secrecy, aside from being illegal, has denied humanity wondrous new sources of energy generation that would rapidly solve the environmental and energy crises. In this sense, the reason for the secrecy is simple: old fashioned greed and lust for power. “Recently, Dr. Greer has been working with senior members of a G7 country to initiate open contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations that are responsible for some of the UFO sightings around the world. (

Whether we are alone in the universe or not is a big question but maybe a bigger question should be asked, why are they keeping information from us?

I feel Governments are there to serve the people they should let us know the truth. I understand that many of these UFO sighting could and most likely are military projects they could and should let us know either way.

They do not have to reveal the exact nature of the technology but it would be nice to find out what flies around at night.


By Jonny Phoenix
July 29, 2012

At a recent conference, Dr. Nassin Haramein gave a presentation with others on previously classified Mayan tablets found by the Mexican government.

The government has now released some of the information for humanity, concluding that the events depicted in the tablet could either be an event from the past or an event to take place in the future.

The tablet shows clearly a planet with some type of habitable atmosphere, several ships, an extraterrestrial being, and more.

This could quite possibly be a message from the Mexican government in wake of the Mayan date December 21, 2012.

In the tablet one can make out a ship headed toward the planet (Earth) following a comet or massive object as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object.


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imitation the most sincere from of flattery.

Mysterious Mars

6 thoughts on “Mars revealing the truth.

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  3. Perfect cartoon: Green martians duplicating the activities of human politicians…

    I recall the same conspirators refusing us the benefits of that 100 (or was it 1,000?) miles-per-gallon carburetor awhile back, physicists’ estimates of the energy budget of gasoline to the contrary notwithstanding. Nor have the government folks hiding the Roswell UFO truth ever gotten around to shutting down the UFO museum in Roswell. Kinda careless, seems to me…

    But if a good time is had, why not speculate? It’s more fun than facing the realities of corruption in our decaying society on earth, right?

    If we don’t want to face the truth on earth, we can look for the truth that is out there…somewhere. In fact, we probably should; our little planet isn’t going to last forever!

  4. I’m an amateur astronomer, I have modified lenses all my life.. I modified the currently available lenses for my 7″ Newtonian telescope to view the Moon a few years ago… You would NOT believe what I have discovered… I’m saddened by how the Gov restricts these lenses to only the few.. The Moon has rocky cliffs and mountains that would amaze you.. All I have “ever” seen on TV and in books was a vast flatland with virtually no features.. This would almost lead me to believe rumors that we never landed on the Moon.. And my own father worked with NASA…

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