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It appears that the culprit of the terrible bomb attack on an Israeli tourist bus in Bourgas yesterday was indeed a suicide bomber, and not a suitcase bomb as originally thought. Meanwhile Israel is sending rescue teams to bring the dead and wounded home.

Israeli rescue teams flown to Bulgaria began evacuating wounded from the resort town of Bourgas Thursday morning, as reports emerged that the deadly attack on a bus of tourists was carried out by a man with a fake American passport.

The death toll in the bombing on a bus of Israelis at the airport in Bourgas rose to eight in the early hours of Thursday as one of the seriously injured victims succumbed to their wounds. Six of the dead are Israeli.

Two victims remain in serious condition at a hospital in the capital of Sofia. The rest of the 34 wounded are in a local…

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  1. What a sad and pointless loss of life. This has got spook writ all over in capital letters.
    My God how I hate these people for the divisions they create. Following just the few comments on other blogs, well it seems this formula works every time and the sheep just swallow it instead of questioning.

  2. Thank you for reblogging this, but I have to ask you on what basis do you claim that this was a false flag operation? Do you think the Israelis bombed their own civilians? Are you nuts? Do you honestly think that Arab terror organizations, whether Hezbollah or Fatah or Al Aqsa or any others, are not capable of such an act and have never done so before?

    I’m honestly speechless.

    • The basis for a suspecting a false flag is the past.We have seen it happen many times through history ‘proven’ check out the gulf of Tonkin incident.
      We could get into 9/11 but i feel I might be wasting my time.
      As for thinking that Israelis would not blow up their own citizens, well yes! Governments will willing sacrifice a few to save the many.
      Even if it was not them they are others that would carry this out in order to move along their own agenda for war.
      I think it was telling the passport he was carrying.
      This passport is the key, was it a valid before the attack and then deleted? a question we must ask.
      All of this is to achieve war and a collapse of the system in order for them take complete control.
      I advise reading some of our other post and you will see that things are never as straight forward as they would like us to believe.
      my compliments on the post and thanks for allowing the re-blog.

      • I don’t know anything about the Gulf of Tonkin but I do know about Israel. And what I know for 100% certain is that Israel would never commit a false flag operation against its own citizens. It’s inconceivable that they would do such a thing. The same applies to the US. Do you honestly think that there aren’t enough enemies of Israel out there that Israel has to “resort” to committing these acts? How many other acts of terrorism against Israelis and Jews do you think Israel committed rather than Hezbollah or Fatah or other Palestinians? Or Iranian backed terrorists?

        You are descending into insane conspiracy theory here, complete loony tunes. And yes, you would definitely be wasting your time if you bring up 9/11 as a false flag, or accuse Israel/Jews/Mossad of committing that terrible act.

        You claim that “all of this is to achieve war and a collapse of the system in order for them take complete control.”. Who is “them”?

  3. “They” are a world cabal hell bent on power.
    I take from your reply that you yourself are Jewish.
    So I will not mention some of the terrorist attacks carried out by the mossad.
    I will say this is not the place for insults calling me a nut because i think differently from you shows your closed mind.
    I do not insult your faith in deity that there is no proof of.
    Like I said we have many post read and come to your own conclusions but please don’t not have blind faith in a system that is there to enslave you.

    For your reference:

    • I see my dear Cheese is now accused, not directly, but nearly, of anti semitism 🙂
      Well in for a penny as they say. Cheese you are right. If other folk wear blinkers, then we all wear tinfoil on our noggins. Despite the ladies views that the dreaded “M” is a force for good, she would seem to display a naivety regarding real world events.
      Now, being a libertarian and luckily having some unblinkered Jewry as kin, I would point out the vast numbers who protested in Tel Aviv last year, the unreported thousands who protested against the zionist military government ie Likud. The ever encroaching settlement of illegally occupied land, brutalisation of an indigenous and displaced race. And, well the undue influence of a country ( one who refuses to sign The None Proliferation Treaty ) in world events.
      Not to mention the politicians from said country who openly joke about getting their way at the UN by just mentioning the “H” word.
      This of course is not the country who last year murdered nine activists sailing to Gaza in international waters, the one who’s military now have arrest warrants issued by the Turks issued.

      The history of The Holy Land is filled with hate. Whilst zionism and extreme Islamism are in existence it always will be. I think a country whose education system displays text book arabs as Bedouin camel herders frankly asks for hatred. The Arab was displaced in 1947, forced from land they owned and loved. Answer that question and problem solved.
      The Balfour Declaration was a sop to a rich banking dynasty. It allowed a geographical base to be established. This was the family that created Hitler, payed for Hitler and made money from two world wars.
      These people are not all zionists, there are many within the cabals who are gentile, if we use that description. What they all are is evil.

      I will not mention 9-11. The Gulf of Tonkin or the murders of opposition figures on sovereign territory by an uncontrollable collection of spooks.
      Other than to say this. Read. The evidence is there, open your mind and question your orthodox views Madam.

    anneinpt says:
    20 July 2012 at 09:37 am
    If you think this was a false flag operation you need your head examined and a thorough education in Middle East history.

    Edited to add: I have been to the above commenter’s site and I would recommend that you all avoid it like the plague. He, his commenters, and the site are full of conspiracy theories about Israel and the Jews plotting and executing false flag operations, (i.e. carrying out terrorist acts and then blaming the Arabs as an excuse to attack the Arabs. Yes, convoluted thinking), blaming Israel/Jews/Mossad/Zionists for 9/11. Need I go on? They accuse me of accusing them of antisemitism when I did nothing of the sort.


    Thanks my traffic has hit all time highs.i am and will be interested to watch and see if this post is allowed as you have not allowed others.
    Someone who has a differing point of view from what you have and you have claimed as a nut yet is willing to post any comments you make in an effort to show some impartial judgement is being demonized.You say there is no truth to my articles yet confirm some of what i have published?

    • anneinptJul 20, 6:00 pm
      Excuse me! I have allowed every one of your posts. Your reblog went into spam and I actually went and approved it. Please stop accusing me of stuff that I have not done. You accused me of calling you an antisemite on your blog when I did no such thing.
      You do not have “a differing point of view”. You have a differing position on reality. There is no impartial judgement that says that 9/11 was committed by anyone other than al Qaeda – who admitted it themselves, including Bin Laden himself. There is no ‘impartial judgement” that says Israel commits false flag operations and murders its own citizens in order to have an excuse to attack Arabs.
      I do not confirm anything that you publish. Please stay away from my blog. You are a conspiracy theorist and I want no part of your opinions.
      And now since you gave me the idea, you will indeed be placed on moderation on my blog.


      my apologies.I have had the same the problems with the spam filter.
      “There is no impartial judgement that says that 9/11 was committed by anyone other than al Qaeda” you say.
      What do you claim as impartial as there are millions out there that question 9/11 and to add I did not say there was Jewish involvement in that horrible event.
      Bin Laden is another can of worms CIA etc etc
      I am sad to see you have such a hard time when some one disagrees with you.
      I wish you the best and hope that you will soon awake.

      • Some people have closed minds. I like Voltaire, he influences my thinking a lot. I looked at this ladies blog, it is an interesting place. I do not agree with her thinking or view, it is too one sided for me. Her rush to condemn Cheese is wrong. This is why I gave up FB and other social networks, too many closed minds. Closed minds lead to bigotry, hate and violence.

        Ah, yes Voltaire. If you read this Madam, I will defend your right to hold your views, even though I do not share them. I will defend Cheese and any other point of view, barring any that condone real terrorism, rape or murder.

        Will you defend our rights to our views? I somehow think not.

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