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  1. What an excellent image. We forget, at our peril, one thing. All western “leaders” are placed men. They are groomed, indoctrinated and installed by others. They appeal to human longing for a secure and safe world by lying. Once installed, they continue the agenda they are instructed to carry out. JFK did not, he paid with his life, the abominable Lincoln, well he paid the price for printing “his” greenback.

    These placed men then, with the others around them, they allow their spook agencies to meddle in other countries affairs. Strong men and dictators are installed, tolerated whilst it suits the wider agenda. The only guarantee of their survival would seem to be possession of a credible North Korean style nuclear arsenal. Pakistan would seem to be another case.

    The present lie of Syria having chemical weapons started with the Iraq invasion. Saddam allegedly moving his stockpiles into Syria. You know the one, the one Blair and Bush lied about, to us, The People. Funny that Blairs wife, herself a judge, fears he will be arrested for war crimes one day. I hear Bush lives on his ranch and hardly ever ventures away from it. Imagine that sight, those two criminals at the Hague answering. Well, we can dream.

    When we adopt a free thinking, open minded and questioning approach. When we no longer accept the official versions of history, then, with an open mind and open eyes we can see truth. Truth is a precious commodity, it is rather akin to a childhood innocence, a very good place to be emotionally for an adult.
    Believe in these official lies at your peril. Evil does exist, it walks amongst us. It jumps out at you from CNN, the BBC, Fox and all of the other mouthpiece agencies, particularly governments.

    I was asked several times recently, what would I want for the future of my small country. My answer often shocks. It is a simple one, I want my land free of all American influence. I want my land free of all European influence. I want every other country to know, come calling uninvited and you will be met by an armed population, Swiss style.
    Mostly, I want royalty and “noblesse” to disappear. I would like small government and self sufficiency as a country. An end to military fetishism, a respect for others to lead their lives without interference.
    I doubt central banks and their toadies in The City would share this. Their myopic and fiat money schemes mean populations are held in modern serfdom. That is why I am convinced, along with others, war on a grand scale is inevitable. You see, they will not let go willingly. Sometimes drastic measures are needed. Maybe a war will allow us to rid ourselves of these parasites once and for all. We shall soon see.

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