6 thoughts on “WAR! Good God! Who Is It Good For?

  1. What a grand cartoon! However, it shows the real picture. As the wheel of history turns, the puppet masters seem to get their way every time.


    A. Only the people who actually want wars should fight in them (as front line grunts, not as cocooned officers behind the lines) for the entire duration.

    B. The political leaders (all of them) committing the nation to war are ipso facto “people who actually want wars” i.a.w. A above.

    C. Anyone advocating conscription should be the first conscripted; i.a.w. item A above.

    D. Wars should be funded only by direct taxation (never by bonds, loans, or freshly printed ‘money’).

    E. No would-be ‘democratic’ nation should ever go to war without a specific mandate from the entire enfranchised population (Binding Citizen’s Referendum) in every/any case.

    F. Age, infirmity, religion—no excuse on any grounds for anyone wanting exemption from any of the above.

  3. Artful commentary poster. Supporting these companies has cost a lot of lives. I will esp curse Lyndon Johnson beyond my grave. Now Afg supplies 70% of world’s opium(heroin, morphine). Are our people there to prop up the drug lords? Whether we are there or not does not make us safer from terrorist attack.

    • guarding the all important poppy fields is a must, if they didn’t have fingers in the illegal drug pie how could they fund all the black projects and dubious goings on in near by countries?
      As for terrorism more chance of being killed by a bee sting!!

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