Not so “fun” parks.

Theme parks. Every country has them and most people enjoy them. The convenience of having all of the rides and attractions in one place along with the ease of access to food drink and other  fun amenities sees the largest parks in the industry grossing US $ 40.893 billion.

The theme park is very much a reflection of the country and the culture of where it was built. Mundo Marino is the largest aquarium in South America then there’s Disneyland Paris, Efteling the largest theme park in the Netherlands and of course the biggest of them all Disneyland Anaheim, California.

Each day new ideas for theme parks are conceived some are franchise based i.e. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Orlando; others can be a little wackier.

We have seen a new park constructed Outside Seoul, the city of Suwon, this parks them?


In Korea, it’s being called the “world’s first toilet theme park”. On display there are Roman style loos, European bedpans, and ancient Korean flush toilets as well as fun facts about poop.

Then the former mayor of Suwon, Sim Jae-Duck, led a crusade to clean up the country’s (and the world’s) commodes. The mayor was apparently born in the toilet of his mother’s parent’s house (not a joke), created the world’s only toilet-shaped house, and founded World Toilet Association. No wonder he was known as Mr. Toilet. Take that Thomas Crapper!

As peculiar as Mr. Toilet’s crusade seems, proper plumbing and clean toilets are extremely important for good health and cleanliness.

To mark the birth of the World Toilet Association, Mr. Toilet had his home of thirty years destroyed. In its place, he had architect Go Gi-wong build a house that was shaped like a john. The house was completed in 2007, and was donated to the city in 2009 after Mr. Toilet’s passing. (

We also see plans for a new park in an abandoned neighborhood of Detroit, this parks theme Zombies.

In an article from the Huffington post Mark Siwak tells of his plans.

Why wait for the zombie apocalypse? One man wants customers to experience the terror now.

With soaring budget deficits and population on the decline, Detroit has become a laboratory for testing out creative solutions for cities, like urban farming and pedestrian-friendly greenway trails.

Mark Siwak says he has his own idea for bettering the city — a live-action zombie theme park set in one of Detroit’s abandoned neighborhoods.

Paying customers would be chased by a growing horde of zombies (all professionals) through a cordoned-off, desolate section of the city, seeking shelter in abandoned homes and factories and businesses.

Z World creator Siwak, who has launched a fundraiser on IndieGoGo (he’s raised $2,200 of the $140,000 needed to meet his goal), says that the city of Detroit needs to consider creative solutions to areas of urban blight.

Mayor Dave Bing’s long-touted campaign promise was the implementation of the Detroit Works Project, which could ultimately relocate residents from blighted districts to more populated areas in an attempt to centralize city services. Spread across 140 square miles, Detroit proper is so large that the entire cities of San Francisco and Boston, plus the borough of Manhattan, can fit inside its borders.

And Siwak says, with all that land, there’s room in the Motor City for a zombie theme park. He even compares his idea to the city’s famed Heidelberg Project, in which artist Tyree Guyton transformed the empty homes of his neighborhood into a large-scale art installation.

This park is cashing in on the recent spate of zombie attacks that have been reported around the globe, zombies have become big business in 2012 from popular TV series the walking dead to countless movies it seems people cannot get enough of the undead.

Could these zombies play a part in helping raise the ‘dead economy’ in these hard times?

To be honest I think not.

We hear that the granddaddy of them all Disney has seen profits slump. Disney has reckoned earnings for the current quarter would be halved because of the current economic climate.

While we are on the subject of Disney let’s take a look at the giant and see its darker side.

There are those that say that Disney has been in bed with the CIA for decades. We know much about Disney’s propaganda films during World War 2 and we have all heard the conspiracy that the moon landings were filmed in a Disney studio.

One conspiracy links Disney with the UN agenda 21 plan. Agenda 21 is a plan set out to radically control the population it would dictate where and how we live our daily lives, more here: agenda-21-

The Venus Project – New City 3D Renderings as of 2010

The following article from Susanne Posel @ Occupy Corporatism outlines the theory and how the government uses the park as a test bed for technologies that track and control our behavior.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has been interested in Disney Amusement Parks for decades. Known as Operation Mickey Mouse, the DOD has been studying Disney’s use of technology and coercion techniques. The DOD has also been working in conjunction with Disney to collect information on Beta testing operations that the popular theme park uses on their customers. Best of all, who would ever suspect Disney of being a front for the US government?

Through the Freedom of Information Act, the Disney Corporation hands over to the DOD all data on their customers. The DOD has an overabundance of information on the general public going back decades thanks to their relationship with Disney. After the DOD analyses and profiles their data from Disney, it is ready to be used to the US government for whatever purposes they deem fit.

Within the Disney walls and on their cruise ships, a separate digital monetary system is used. Customers trade their paper money for a digital card or voucher to purchases goods and services. On the cruise ship alone, the value of the digital Mickey money is determined prior to boarding. The card can be used at the ship, as well as at designated ports of call where the ship docks. As a programming technique, this digital money as replacing paper dollars conditions customers to think this idea is superior to carrying cash. This is reminiscent of the push of debit cards by banks in the 90’s.

The small cities Disney has created through their compound, although seemingly harmless, can harness quite a bit of private information on unsuspecting customers. All movements of patrons are tracked and traced through a myriad of cameras strategically placed throughout the theme parks.

Facial recognition technology is a part of Disney’s new cruise liners. Moving Art lines the walls of the ship to entertain the passengers. This pictures move in response to the passenger’s facial movements, ensuring that the same sequence will not play twice. Although this may entertain, the passenger’s facial movements are being recorded by the computers within the pictures at all times.

Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, uses an array of photographs taken of the passengers, with or without their permission or prior knowledge. When a passenger wants to purchase one of these photographs, they use an encoded voucher (digital Mickey money). The facial recognition software works much like Facebook’s new photo tag application. Then the passenger can choose to have an album created through the use of this technology. Photos, regardless of whether or not they are sold to passengers, are entered into a data base for future use. Because the photographs are legally property of Disney, they can be used at the corporation’s discretion.

Disney theme parks became the first to use biometrics at their ticket entrances.

According to Janel Pisorchik, Director of Business Operations at Accesso (a Florida based electronic ticketing and eCommerce solutions company):

Disney was the first theme park to introduce Biometrics to the entrance process. The initial type of technology used was hand geometry. This was an effective deterrent to help decrease the number of tickets from being resold. However, from an operational perspective, explaining the enrollment & verification process to the guests entering the parks was a little challenging.

The team was tasked with finding new technology and then focusing on the entrance process. The key components were speed, accuracy and ergonomics of the unit. During one of the many biometrics related projects, I realized I am what is called a “goat.” I have one finger that does not have a clearly defined fingerprint due to a childhood injury. As you can imagine, I was leveraged for a variety of testing purposes.

It’s amazing to see the progress Disney has made in this field, now leveraging Biometrics for all ticketed media coming through the entrances. Walt Disney World is the largest single site Biometric installation in the world.

The data collecting Disney conducts on their customers with the aid of this technology was neglected by Pisorchik.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EEF) is a group of concerned citizens who have readily voiced their misgivings about Disney’s biometrics programs.

On the EFF fact sheet on biometrics, the group states:

“Biometric identification is often overkill for the task at hand. It is not necessary to identify a person (and to create a record of their presence at a certain place and time) if all you really want to know is whether they’re entitled to do something or be somewhere. When in a bar, customers use IDs to prove they’re old enough to drink, not to prove who they are, or to create a record of their presence.”

Disney maintains that they are concerned about fraud and ticketing crimes. However, Disney records all data they collect on their customers, making their argument seem more like a thin veil to mask a hidden agenda. In our digital age, who else might be able to gain access to the millions of faces, fingerprints and other data Disney keeps on file in their databases?

The EFF warns:

“If you lose a credit card, you can cancel it and get a new one. If you lose a biometric, you’ve lost it for life. Any biometric system must be built to the highest levels of data security, including transmission that prevents interception, storage that prevents theft, and system-wide architecture to prevent both intrusion and compromise by corrupt or deceitful agents within the organization.

“Vendors and scanner operators may say that they protect privacy in some way, perhaps by hashing the biometric data or designing the database to enforce a privacy policy. But the end user typically has no way to verify whether such technical protections are effective or implemented properly,” continues the EFF’s warning. “End-users should be able to verify any such claims, and to leave the system completely if they are not satisfied. Exiting the system, of course, should at least include the expungment of the end-user’s biometric data and records.”

To the average American, a trip to Disney is a vacation of a lifetime. This makes the theme parks the perfect cover for the DOD and other US government agencies to continuously collect data on the general public through their unwitting participation.

It is true.

You are being tracked, traced and data based at the most wonderful place on Earth.

In closing, at the start of this post I mentioned that a theme park reflects the country and the culture of where it has been constructed. Disneyland built in The U.S.A is a place of suspicion, monitoring and control….yes; I guess that sums up the United States today.

I would prefer a country where the most sinister park you  find has an oversized toilet and large plastic stools dotted around, so much better than microphones and cameras.

United Nations Agenda 21

Disney Imagineers rush completion of new RiotLand theme area at California Adventure Park

Disney is of the devil.

The conspiracy theory of Disneyland

11 thoughts on “Not so “fun” parks.

  1. Excellent header cartoon Rob, equally spellbinding narrative. Truth hurts and the human tries to hide from it. I oft wondered at my kids habit of hiding from truth at Euro Disney. They claim my grand child loves Minnie. I blame myself for failing to provide the level of emotional security that corporate Walt manages.

    I claim intellectual rights to my “Post Apocalyptic World Park”. I envisage displays of banksters counting piles of worthless dollars. Wall St. and City traders watching banks of screens climbing and then crashing to zero. Our brave military playing none lethal paintball in a desert landscape, the guy on the camel wins every time.
    Next, Boeing and BaE vie to build weaponry, then have a race to dismantle it, the process starting again.
    Finally, “The Trial”. Our elite uber rich found guilty, they are flushed down a large Korean toilet into a field. Handed garden tools and seeds, they play “Grow or Die”, against a backdrop of their Monte Carlo excesses, the picture framed with the face of a starving African child.

    I am starting to sound like a Monty Python Robespiere, ah well, let an old fellow dream 🙂

    • Thank you that is hilarious! However I must protest. I like many other middle aged chaps on this side of the pond, well we find Mrs Palin “hot to trot”. Her politics aside ( if in fact she has any ) she has a certain appeal. Having a Parliament that is inhabited by ugly women leads ones eyes elsewhere. Sarko’s saving grace was his beautiful wife. The Merkel would scare a bulldog off a meat truck. And Hilary you know who ( the one married to zippy fly ) well, if I were a Tolkien troll, she might be in with a chance.

      There was a film maker here called Hammer Horror. Most women politicians are their audition rejects.

  2. What Sir? Clinton in the same league as Miss Widders????

    Sedition and The Traitors Gate with the axe to follow await you should you ever enter Blighty! 🙂

    • Thanks, this made me smile over my first pot of tea at 6am. It truly is a disturbing but increasingly popular trend to find these damned symbols even within children’s productions.

      Tinfoil or not, I will take great comfort in pointing this out to my kids later today.

      Yours in eternal secrecy, Brother Truthstick of the 3rd Chapter, Yorkshire Inner Temple of Flying Monkeys 🙂

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