1. The WMD’s was a wag the dog marketing alright. But I was not disturbed by it at all. Rape rooms. Saddam’s rape rooms. To keep the population frightened. Can any of us really imagine the horror of such things?For that reason alone invading Iraq was justified. But I do not like 4,000 dead, 50,000 returning amputees and 200,000+ otherwise chronic wounds or illness and we still don’t get reimbursed for the financial cost through Iraq’s oil sales and pay top dollar for it as well. USA has 800+ out of country military bases around the world. And expanding.

    • Iraq was a war for oil it just happened to be that Saddam was not the nicest of guys but all regimes have their darker side.The US itself has been abusing people arrest with no trial, water-boarding and mind-altering drugs used to interrogate prisoners.

      The point we need to concentrate on and what makes this situation different is what is at stake .

      The Syrians have the backing of Russia and China, do you think they will fall for the same BS line used with Iraq?

      If we want to avoid world war 3 we must lobby to stop the intervention.Syria is in civil war and we should let the Syrians solve this mess.
      As you say “USA has 800+ out of country military bases around the world. And expanding.” this is an expansionist policy that has very little to do with peoples freedoms and more to do with grabbing resource rich countries and saving a failing economy.

      • Bang on the head Cheese 🙂 No foreign power has a right to invade another sovereign country. Defence against invasion is the only moral justification for use of state on state violence.
        I tire of the faux morality of UN backed and brokered interventions. Whether it is food, resources or whatever. It is up to the country involved to sort its own problems out.
        Saddam threatened to stop using the petro dollar. He was invaded for that, no other reason. Standard Oil used these tactics in Texas, intimidation, violence and threats. Now it is worldwide, using Nato as an enforcer, backed by the UN’s sanctions. As China, Russia and India are trading with Iran in their own currencies and metal, well the oil cartel will no doubt want to TRY and put an end to that.
        When Amerika, the corporate bit, realises that the dollar is dead. When the west realises colonialism is dead, well then we may return to some sanity.

        Until then pass the shovel and dig. For war as we have never seen is on the cards should this course continue.

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  3. Finally! If you believe that Obama will also provide $4 billion retooling tax credits and loan guarantees for domestic auto plants and parts suppliers, so that the new fuel efficientautos can be built in the U.S. by American workers instead of overseas.

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