Global Geopolitics

Several Iranian news websites reported on Friday that 90 percent of the missiles hit their targets and said this showed their increased accuracy.

Another achievement, the reports said, was Iran’s capability of firing multiple missiles within seconds. The reports said this would create a challenge for the U.S. or Israel to intercept incoming missiles should a war break out.

“Within 10 minutes, a considerable number of missiles were fired at a single target. The achievement, called high firing density, makes it impossible for anti-missile systems to intercept and destroy them. In the end, the target is definitely hit,” said a report on

A June 29 Pentagon report to Congress said that Iran’s military continues to improve the accuracy and killing power of its long- and short-range ballistic missiles, including designing a weapon to target vessels.

“Iran has boosted the lethality and effectiveness of existing systems by improving…

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  1. That is a warning. Russia and China have not been idle. The moral of this? When the German built zionist submarines, carrying American funded and designed nukes go home. Then, only then, will Iran stop posturing. I was rather impressed by this report. Just as I am that the Iranians could close the Straits within hours. A massed Silkworm attack will sink many ships, giving the western navies a lot to think about.

    • We see the build up each day, more and more hardware in the area.Like you said I think it is a big mistake to underestimate Iranian strength and Syria backed by Russia and China will have access to equipment easily on par with that from the west.
      Lets hope this is a face off and show of power from all sides, one stray shot could have dire consequences.
      I have noticed is the lack of reporting on the situation and build up in western msm, as they say” the silence is deafening” !

      • Indeed a deafening silence. The “phony war” period. I notice many movements of various elint aircraft. I live bang under their flight paths to various places. Also others are notable by their absence from their airfields.
        Anyone with half a brain should see, they do not.

        On an aside, look at G4S, the company given the olympic security contract. Most recruits do not even speak adequate English, 3500 extra servicemen needed for basic security as G4S has not recruited enough. Not lost on some a terror attack is easier with foreign, half interested men on £8 per hour.

        Then dear Cheese, although I pray fervently I am wrong, a nasty false flag on the cradle of civilisation that is Britannia would give an excuse just like 9-11 to run amok.

  2. If Britannia runs amok I’m not really all that worried (being Brit myself).

    I’d be more worried by who they might rope in to carry their ball for them …

  3. The situation in the middle east and the US occupation therein is largely based on the false flag 911 atrocity. A war with Iran will give the US the full set and help them along with their globalist agenda. A false flag scenario at the Olympics could be next on the agenda and this would indeed give Britannia the excuse to blindly rush in to another holy ‘crusade’, the mindless mass being stirred up effortlessly into a frenzy with the facts being typically distorted. The London Bombings of 7/7 were much the same and like 911 the evidence is severely lacking and inconclusive but the public have all but forgotten and the majority have stopped questioning the official line.

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