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Saman Mohammadi 

July 13, 2012

Re Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues re education camp
The mainstream media is a concentration camp of the mind.
The bankster-hijacked U.S. government is planning to construct re-education camps in America to convert the population to globalism and corporatism. They are targeting conservatives and liberals alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Israeli-Firster, a born-again American, or a turban-wearing Jihadist, you are all the same pieces of trash in the eyes of your new globalist fascist overlords.

What kind of totalitarian propaganda should one expect in a new world order re-education camp? And from what intellectual angles will psyop officers target the minds of their victims in these militarized death camps? This article will tackle both questions from the perspective of conspiracy theorists/people who care about facts and evidence.

II. Re-Educating The Conspiracy Theorist: The Five Key Issues

I will list five key issues that matter to the globalist fascists and totalitarian overlords…

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  1. We could not agree more. The globalist freaks are hell bent on total domination, with a one world currency, a central bank and the sectioning off of big chunks of the world into manageable portions. The ruling elite have no care for race colour or creed and simply wish to have total control over the populous. They will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. Global domination is their ultimate ambition and they will commit all atrocities possible to achieve this. Ultimately the world is being run by a group of corporate psychopaths who see all the poor as nothing more than useless eaters, regardless of their origin or descent and the rest of the people as nothing more than units of production to be used and disposed of at will. Re-education facilities are just another step in the fascist plan to re-condition our minds to do their bidding.

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