The title alone made this a must for a repost…:)

Musings for the End of the World

I love cheese. It is my go to luxury food. I love spending a hunk of change on a divine artisan cheese and pairing it with the perfect wine and bread type product, maybe with a little preserve added to it.

It is also my go to trashy comfort food. Fake cheese slices make me happy. They evoke childhood memories of open faced bacon, tomato and cheese sandwiches my dad made for us when my mom was in night school. In fact, it is such a comfort food, that I rarely have it in the house. Melted fake cheese on toast beckons to me when it’s in the vicinity. It is all I eat until it is gone.

But, at the end of the world, what the HELL are we going to do about cheese? How long does cheese last?  I mean, I KNOW you can cut the mold off…

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