US, Britain seek to foment World War III over Syria: Analyst

Friends of Syria

The United States and Britain are seeking to wage the World War III by pushing efforts to launch a military offensive against Syria, an analyst tells Press TV.

“They’re [US, UK] determined to spark a war which would not just be a civil war in Syria, this would become a regional war and very quickly could escalate into a Third World War because it would lead to a confrontation with both Russia and China,” Edward Spannaus, an editor of the Executive Intelligence Review, said in an interview with Press TV.

On Friday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Russia and China about supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying that they will pay a price.

The analyst praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for opposing a military intervention in Syria because of severe consequences of the war in the region.

“I think we should be grateful that Russia and Putin…

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7 thoughts on “US, Britain seek to foment World War III over Syria: Analyst

  1. When Clinton threatens Russia and China, followed by poodle Hague, well we know the endgame is now about. These people are as despotic as Stalin or Hitler, any claims made to the contrary are falsehoods.

    The reason for their haste? They know what awaits them, the Internet Reformation is rolling up the old ways of thinking, old ladies now question the BBC version of truth. Soldiers and their families now face redundancy after loyalty to a corrupt system is re payed.

    Oh my what a buggers mess.

    • Like the name change, how have you been?

      Yes this has been on the cards now for a while.I did have some hope that their plans would be scuppered, it looks like that wont happen now.
      The media is getting worse with each passing day the propaganda machine is at full capacity .
      I see this women as the face for global tyranny..the wicked witch of the west…I am going to write a post about her and her links with the CFR and past dubious business dealings, your input would be appreciated.

  2. Thanks! I am well and at war. Like you this past week has convinced me that they will get their way, to a certain extent. They are evil Cheese, they must be opposed at all levels. If not they will radiate the world.

    And yes my friend,my support is always there.

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