Member of a secret society, what’s the problem?

If you were to ask anyone who is in one of these societies if they are a member they would flat deny their membership. Maybe you get lucky and you find ‘the one’ that speaks out, If you wish to know his or her motive they would  say that the purpose for joining is about  fellowship and making  connections with others of a similar background and mindset . They would want to convince you of the innocence in their motives.

So these people have their clubs and their secret meetings but are they a good or a bad thing? at times It has been suggested: If a thing is good it should not be kept secret; and something that is kept secret is not. The benefit, whether it is good or bad is not really the question. These clubs and their members are almost in direct conflict with government systems, constitutions and laws.These rules that have been put in place to stop secret cabals from manipulating and corrupting the power centers of all countries around the globe. Since some secret societies have political aims they are illegal in several countries. Poland, for example, has included a ban of secret political parties and political organizations in its constitution.   Secret society

If you research these society’s you will see a parallel which does not match with known history, their history includes ideas of unwritten laws and oral traditions that hold these people to an allegiance made to unknown superiors and masters. We see events unfolding on the world stage (a stage it is) there are those directing from behind the curtain and they direct their actors to make the moves they desire.

Those who attend secret meetings have an aversion for the written rule of  law or constitutions; every citizen is capable of reading and knowing these laws which hold relevance over our daily life, they (secret society members) would like the masses to be ignorant of these rules, average people do not recognize that they are in place to protect a citizenship from these secret cabals.

The secret society is generally based on a fear of discovery, a hierarchy, secret membership, meetings and oaths, claims of brotherhood and their unknown superiors. This is a system of control that works well for a group that wishes to dominate and dictate in secret, we see it openly in use in North Korea, each soldier watching and reporting on the other.

So why is this of such great importance?

One just needs to think about the people that attend these secret clubs. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Business leaders and the law makers. We see these people with their public agendas and policies which they use to rally the support of the public. How can they have and pursue these ideas if they are in a secret club that includes members of a political party or a business that is of the opposing viewpoint?

This is why they are or should be illegal; these societies provide an avenue for these people to control all aspects of law and business from both sides, thus rigging the system in their favor.

So who are these groups, Freemasons , Rosicrucians , Ordo Templis Orientis , Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, The CFR, Bilderbergers, Federal Reserve Board, and Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, The Knights Templar, Opus Dei and the final biggest group of them all The Illuminati.

There are others that have been far more secret and receive much less press.

Secret Societies

We hear of a mysterious group named “The Family” or “The Fellowship” .

The family are a group of evangelical Christians.They are a well-connected religious organization that no one talks about and not many know exist. They were formed in 1935 by Norwegian immigrant preacher Abraham Vereide .

The Family has grown steadily since its formation; it is a veritable underground for Christian men in government. A member of The Fellowship and an evangelical minister Charles Colson was convicted as part of the Watergate conspiracy; this highlights their membership’s positions and influence in our society.

The group which is based in Washington counts many prominent politicians as supporters and members are mostly conservative Republicans, it has been revealed that several members of Congress regularly pay the $600 monthly rent for rooms in the group’s townhouse which is located on C Street, near the U.S. Capitol. A recent sex scandal bringing this to the attention of the public. There are Family (The Fellowship) “prayer cells” in many federal agencies. These include the Pentagon and the Justice Department.

Another group that hold similar events is The pilgrims society. They have strong ties with the British monarchy and seem to be representing their interest in US affairs.

This secret group follows the usual template for a secret society. They hold the Pilgrims of Great Britain dinner, a special dinner held for secret members. At these dinners you would see the usual array of notable characters. We have the entitlement to know what the Pilgrim Society is, what it stands for and who the powerful Pilgrim society attendees are.

In a meeting that is very similar to Bilderberg, we see elites meeting to talk about the issues that will directly affect us. They have a unified agenda that we are not meant to know, they discuss our future.

All subjects are on the table geo politics, business and who is now of enough influence to join. Thanks to some brave people we see information leaked of the plans which they have made, a theme that seems to run through all of the groups is depopulation.They are said to have been manipulating, creating events ranging from terrorist attacks and links to 9/11 to full scale wars, business mergers and the choice of political candidates.

Secret Society Freemasons and 9/11

If they are trying to kill us we are at war, we must fight these groups in any way we can. Thankfully what they see as their strength is their weakness. We must reveal the plans and the existence of these groups if we wish to defeat them.

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7 thoughts on “Member of a secret society, what’s the problem?

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  3. Congratulations to the artist. The article is kinda sorta, well, you know, ok. But my views are known as to hierarchy. I have been face to face with one of them and seen his terror caused by my awareness of The Secrets. That was in May 1979 with Sir Ivor Seward Richard, British UN Ambassador whose maternal grandfather was the Secretary of State who made the Alaska Purchase from Russia in 1867. All his memberships were mentioned by the university spokesman (English Speaking Union, Fabian Society etc) except—The Pilgrims Society. Rosters are available for these others. Not for The Pilgrims. Consider that plus their several other absolutely distinctive aspects. After my main site went up in January 2011, they finally posted a site in June 2011
    This is the deep tumor in world affairs that continually sends out “metastasizing cells.”

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