HMMMMMM This has got me thinking what an ideal time frame this would provide for some action in the middle east.Send in the troops attack Syria and Iran and stop the word getting out until they can send their troops on to the streets to take control and stop any dissension that Joe public might show.Martial law firmly in place the internet goes back up all be it a heavily censored version for those running US servers.
Maybe a bit paranoid of me but my gut is telling me that something big is on the cards soon.

Army Manual Outlines Plan To Kill Rioters, Demonstrators In America

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    UN Agrees that Internet Access is a Human Right…And Hilary Clinton blasts countries like Britain for persecuting people over a few tweets

    WOW pot, kettle and black.The US the country that bills itself as the protector of freedom of speech yet does more to monitor and control its media and citizens then most other nations.
    This women is just a blatant mouth piece for the Neo-con new world order wishing to enslave the planet.Their battle cry of freedom and democracy is now transparent.
    The freedom they offer is controlled by them the freedom of speech applies only to those that slam their enemies.
    Dark days indeed.

    • There is a long running spook series called “Spooks” 🙂 In the US I think they brand it MI5. Last series had a Britain falling out with the US and signing a new intelligence pact with Russia.

      Given pre conditioning, maybe the poodle will soon turn round and bite Hilary on the backside.
      I was talking to a lifelong Labour member last week. He moaned of their “failings” over the past years. Not of borrowing money, of Blair blindly following Bush into multiple wars.

      This has more twists and turns than a Tom Clancy.

  2. The bombing yes, not the olympics. there has been a spate of arrests this past few days. Just predictable of course, also a suspected suicide candidate with an electronic tag visiting an olympic site several times. He is either thick, payed or both 🙂

    • I have just looked it up, no UK television where I am 😦 it was a spin off show named Spooks code 9.In this episode they had a dirty bomb going off in London during the Olympics.let us hope that life does not imitate art.

      • Ah yes I remember that, child actors with no follow up series 🙂 My other half loves these things, I of course am fascinated with the relation to actual happenings. Nine days to go to who knows what?

  3. LOL.
    It is the same for I. After i sit and rant at the computer I then pass on the daily doom and gloom to the wife, she replies with the latest goings on of her favourite soap.

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