Preview: Diamond Before Treasury Committee.

another mafia ‘banking’ don goes down.
Lets hope he is not the last, its time to change.This system is broken.A corrupt group of power hungry crooks have manipulated a system to create wealth through war and oppression, lets unite and stop them while we still have time.


Today, Bob Diamond will answer questions before the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee.

The interesting thing about this confrontation, from my view, is that it was arranged under different circumstances, for a completely different purpose and that is always going to  be awkward.

It’s rather like guests being invited to a wedding, only to find out that the prospective groom died the day before, and yet as the church was already booked the family have decided to hold a memorial service instead, everybody turns up because they are curious to find out if the best man has successfully adapted his ‘best man speech’ into a eulogy.

The Treasury Select Committee called on Bob Diamond to attend on them at a time when it was thought to be obvious that he would not be resigning. This was supposed to be an occasion of self righteous bluster and bullying. Bob was going to…

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