nothing like saying what you see LOL.

Anti U.S. Media Bias -------No Ads just Truth

“I think that the missile defense problem will not be solved if Obama is reelected or not,” –  Putin. President Vladimir Putin has been aware of the fact that the US has been and will continue pointing missiles at Russia and surrounding it with military bases. He knew that the promises from Reagan to Gorbachev were broken in the 90’s. He never expected to get treated better than the US treated the Native Americans. Even if Obama promised the moon Putin would not have believed him. So, why the meeting?

 Two hours alone together and I’m sure Putin broke his smile and terrified Obama with facts Obama thought surely were known to him and his CIA. Revealing to Obama, “We know your plans, where your military and agents are located. WW3 will be on your head and legacy”. Obama was faced with only saying he was not in charge…

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