Eurozone Banks Dump Bad Paper on Taxpayers!

Bankers’ Fraud Now ‘Too Big To Fail’!


A couple of great cartoons here.

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  • This whole sovereign debt crisis is all about the financial rape of the sheeple by the Illuminist banksters. Private bankster debts are being dumped onto the public/sheeple via the slogan ‘Too Big To Fail’! It is all about making the sheeple pay for the gambling debts of the Illuminist banksters! The Illuminist banksters and their politician snake puppets are screwing the sheeple!

    Eurozone Banks Dump Bad Paper on Taxpayers! 
    by John Rubino, 
    Bloomberg is reporting on what looks like a brazen con being pulled on taxpayers by eurozone banks and governments. It goes like this: During the recent credit bubble the PIIGS country banks created and then sold a bunch of low-quality mortgage bonds. Now they’re buying them up at big discounts to the original price, booking a profit on the trade, and using those securities as collateral for low-interest-rate loans from the European Central Bank.

    European Banks Bolster Capital With Shunned Bonds: Mortgages

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4 thoughts on “Eurozone Banks Dump Bad Paper on Taxpayers!

  1. Thank you dear Cheese, made me smile. Allied to the fact that even MSM mentioned the resigning Barclays chairman is married to a Rothschild, well, another piece falls into place 🙂

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