Eur’woe’ 2012 The Final.

Euro 2012 comes to a close and we have our victors. Spain lifted the cup after a good match that saw both sides determined to win, it is a shame that sport does not reflect real life.

Spain and Italy are both countries that will play a huge part in the coming collapse throughout Europe. We have been spectators to the recent games both on and off the pitch.

Each country has a staggering amount of debt, Italy’s benchmark borrowing costs have hit six-month highs, and this is piling the pressure on Prime Minister Mario Monti, people want to see him ease the steepling debt burden by trying to squeeze concessions (bail outs) out of Germany.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano has raised the issue of the tense political situation in his country; he said that he is extremely worried by the increasing tension among the parties backing Monti’s unelected government. There is a possibility of violence and protest like we have seen in Spain, Greece and many other EU countries recently.

Spain fared a little better in the recent meeting of Euro-area leaders, they agreed to relax conditions on emergency loans for Spanish banks and there was talk of possible help for Italy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave in on expanded steps to stem the debt crisis after she had said that there would be no bail out help for these two countries.

So we see, like in the beautiful game tackles, strikes and passes, we have watched these countries kick their debt around like the proverbial football, we see forwards (Giorgio Napolitano & Mario Monti) defenders (Angela Merkel) and all the other players of this Euro currency game franticly maneuvering their countries into a position they think will make them victorious.

The major difference between football and the political situation being; we can ride the emotions of a football match for 90 minutes, the emotional and freighting journey through the Euro collapse will last much longer.

We need someone to blow the whistle and call time. The solution to all these problems is a collapse, as with England’s Euro 2012 campaign and their defeat, we need penalties.

The leaders need to have the courage to step up to the plate (to mix sports metaphors) and say enough is enough the Euro is dead, we are sorry, we failed lets return to sovereign currencies and a system that worked for hundreds of years. As the Euro 2012 trophy is lifted the currency must be dropped.

The past ten years have been an experiment and it has failed it is time now for the game to finish for us to leave the ‘stadium’ of a single currency, those of us that have not been broken by this can celebrate, those that have can regroup and as in football come back better and stronger.

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