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  1. I remember a few years ago becoming violent with a cousin. Fisticuffs are really a last resort for me. This fellow was a member of an “elite” airborne unit, something about a screaming pigeon. Whatever, it dims with time. We were fresh from our regular tour of the land of semtex and exploding milk churns.
    We were due to exercise with this fellows unit and had a “social” get to know each other type of shindig. The sort where testosterone is produced in very large proportions.
    However,in friendly discussion we happened to discuss Noraid, a “charity” that raised money for freedom fighters in east coast bars and a few other places. This chap admitted he gave money, to support said freedom fighters as his brothers, aunties 2nd cousin came from the Emerald Isle.
    He maintained that all the money raised went to widows and orphans, anybody believing otherwise was a conspiracy nut who should be locked away. Well, having just dodged a few rounds probably purchased by drunken east coast dollars, I was feeling a little peeved at his insistence that I, and a few others should be committed to Bedlam.

    What ensued is classified information, however I can say that, with some pride, that said fellow got a fat lip, and some.
    You see, conspiracy generally contains a lot of truth. Now the good folk who rubbish conspiracy, well, we all know they are really spook stooges, inhabit dark rooms and wear Colombo raincoats. The internet has a lot of daft conspiracy I will admit. The sort that says the moon is actually Cheese ( am I really typing this? ) and is inhabited by aliens with death rays.

    Now, I know different. Oliver North was a fit up. Iraq was not about oil it was about democracy. JFK is alive and living with Elvis in an Alaskan kibbutz.
    Like heck. The evidence is all there, you just need to sift through the rubbish to find truth.

    Now, where is hat damned tinfoil? 🙂

    • I re-posted this as I was interested to see who would step forward and show the courage of their convictions.
      I have chatted to so many that treat the belief in alternative theories as a dirty little secret, they know so much about the truth behind lies yet they still fear being stigmatized as a nut.
      This attitude has to be stopped if we speak together without shame and embarrassment we can create the changes that are needed.

      • Did I ever quote the 5%? The 5% who actually fought in The Revolution against German George. The ones who risked hanging for treason, or that brave soul who stood in front of Chinese tanks at The Square. Jan Pavlic who set himself on fire in 1968 in Prague during the Russian invasion. The countless members of Congress who were beaten for adopting Ghandis stance on none violence.

        To stand apart is a brave stance. To think freely is a gift. To say what you think, even if ridiculed, is a damned fine place to be. For then you can hold your head high, not stare at the floor hoping Leviathans agents pass you by.

        Sorry for the speech Cheese. I suffer nodding dog syndrome at my talks, probably 20% have the guts to join in discussion, even less to agree with my views on English history.
        I suppose that is their right, their choice. As long as they do not expect a place at the top table when things change.
        Frankly, the one thing wrong with hive mentality is it is what got us here in the first place.

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