More ratcheting up going on, more and more arms and troops, we are heading for the tipping point.When this many war machines are in one area it does not take a lot to set them firing !
So many still ignorant of the destruction this will cause if war breaks out.This wont be battles we watch on CNN or BBC it will come to our streets and neighborhoods when will people wake up?

Iran War Imminent?  100 Iranian MPs Call For Strait Of Hormuz To Be Blocked

Iran Threatens Swift Retaliation on US Bases

Sheeple Wake Up!

Syria Masses Tanks on Turkey Border as Tensions Soar

Urgent update.

Turkey scrambles F-16 jets on Syria border

Iran Tests Surface-to-Air Missiles, Threatens Israel – Inside Israel – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 –

U.S. Sends Large Number Of Warships And Planes To Persian Gulf

AFP: Turkey sends missile batteries to Syria border

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