Collapse of Euro a “Very Likely Scenario” – Spiegel

still the masses live in denial everyday.They can still buy their little trinkets so it must be untrue….a shock is coming!!
For those of us who prepare the plans we have made will soon serve us well.


“Help your citizens and jail bankers”. Simple enough?

Global Macro Monitor

We posted yesterday that the Germans are starting to think out loud about the breakup of the Euro.  Here’s an excerpt and chart on the economic aftermath of a Eurozone split from the Der Spiegel piece,

Collapse of Currency a ‘Very Likely Scenario’

Investment experts at Deutsche Bank now feel that a collapse of the common currency is “a very likely scenario.” German companies are preparing themselves for the possibility that their business contacts in Madrid and Barcelona could soon be paying with pesetas again. And in Italy, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is thinking of running a new election campaign, possibly this year, on a return-to-the-lira platform.

Nothing seems impossible anymore, not even a scenario in which all members of the currency zone dust off their old coins and bills — bidding farewell to the euro, and instead welcoming back the guilder, deutsche mark and drachma.

It would…

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15 thoughts on “Collapse of Euro a “Very Likely Scenario” – Spiegel

  1. No, nein, non, nyet! Bloomberg just told me it is all saved! They have reached agreement! The future is secure, the dream is to happen!
    Cheese, do stop spreading scurrilous rumour, trust the markets, there has been a rally! 🙂

    • Thank you. Interesting when you associate Germany, the great hand wringing guilty nation. Apart from self interest, such as selling anything to anybody, see a thread emerging of Germans acting on behalf of Tel Aviv. Much of Saddam’s know how came from Germany, much of Israel’s intelligence on Iraqi reactor technology came from German sources.

      Just an observation 🙂

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