Pointing Fingers in Syria

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Cartoon by KAL

The recent massacre of 100 civilians mainly women and children on May 25th in  Houla, Syria has everyone pointing who did it.  People from around the world are outraged at the lack of countability by their leaders to end a civil war that has cost the lives of 12,000 since March last year.  Despite stiff international sanctions Syria is continuing to stand firm that its government is under attack from outside sponsored “terrorist groups.”

Former UN secretary-general Kofi Annan and the joint UN-Arab League have not been successful in persuading its six-point peace plan to President Assad.  Syria’s economy is at a standstill and international sanctions have paralyzed the country’s fuel shortage.

The violent uprisings escalated when the Syrian government deployed the Syrian Army to break up the protest in several cities starting in 2011.  When soldiers refused to open fire on civilians they were executed…

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5 thoughts on “Pointing Fingers in Syria

  1. It is a good one Cheese. It sums up one thing for me. Hypocrisy. I said to you the other day I felt we were barking at the moon.
    Frivolity aside, these folk are dead. Assad is not a saint, neither was his father. Yet again we see a zionist tail wagging a western dog. Via The UN of course, mankind’s bastion of truth and horse trading.
    Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. A domino effect to create a Muslim Caliphate, to suit poor Israel, the only nuclear armed kid on that street. Now we know the Muslim Brotherhood is a creation of spooky. Because spooky does what The City and Wall Street tells it to do, who in turn do what their backers tell them to do.

    My, oh, my, are they going to be in for a surprise soon. They are missing one important point. They are desperate to rush these plans through. They will make a mistake. The button of Arab nationalism is about to be pressed, the stage set for the final show. Likud will be surrounded by a creation of its own making, they will stamp their foot with a mushroom cloud. Apparently they can do this three hundred times in any direction.

    I just hope, and pray, the ordinary good folk of Israel stop this, they demonstrated last August, their military government controlled the MSM reporting. I think they are really scared.

    • We see the rhetoric stepped up to the next level. Turkish PM now saying that Syria has become an “open threat” with the UN egging him on.
      So now if they see Syrian forces in areas they consider a threat they will respond.
      So maybe we will see a game of cat and mouse develop. Syrian rebels attack hit and run style trying to draw Syrian government forces into these areas and have the Turkish attack.

      • I smell dirty dealing here. Support “the cause” and we will turn a blind eye to your shenanigans with the Kurds. The last thing Turkey wants is a Kurdish homeland. Now, as causes go, thats a just one in my book.
        Then of course what happened to a million Armenians in the early 1900s did not happen. God help you if the “H” word is applied to anyone else apart from you know who.

        Now if, just if of course, I was Vlad. I would station my forces on Syrian soil. As advisors of course, then that sends a stronger message. If I was Assad, well I would ask for Chinese advisors, a few thousand at least. The game of chess goes on my friend. Someone will make a calamitous mistake soon.

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