It’s good to be American!!

The End Of America As We Knew It.DHS Update with Hagmann & Hagmann, Greg Evenson and Steve Quayle

The American dream has given hope to many that they could one day rise up the economic ladder, hard work dedication and a little luck would see them living a better more prosperous life. Now according to a recent study those already in financially-stable circumstances should fear falling down a few rungs of the economic ladder. This study found that nearly a third of Americans who were part of the middle class as teenagers in the 1970s have fallen out of it as adults.

America’s politics are in full swing all the major topics are on the table except one–it is the single biggest issue facing the country at this present time, the destruction of the American middle class.

America is splitting into a society of haves and have-nots, the rich continue to grow richer the poor poorer and those in the middle will fall into one of these camps. If they are lucky they see their wealth increase dramatically and are propelled to levels of the higher echelon but sadly the opposite is more common.

There was a story which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The story covered a new marketing strategy and takes a look at how the giant firm Procter & Gamble markets its household goods to customers. The picture that emerged was terrifying. P&G, it transpired, has been cutting back on marketing to the middle classes indicating a class that is disappearing, they have instead been selling more and more to either high-income or low-income customers and abandoning the middle class consumers, they can see where the money lies. Heinz along with other big firms, are following suit. The piece revealed they even have a word for this strategy, helpfully coined for them by Citibank: the Consumer Hourglass Theory –this image denotes a society that bulges at the top and bottom and is pinched in the middle.

Included in this story were scary figures, the fact that the net worth of the middle fifth of American households has plunged by 26% and that the income of the median American family, adjusted for inflation, is lower now than in 1998.

Another story featured in the New York Times. Showed starkly how life for the American working person has worsened. jobs that once provided a secure grasp on middle class aims (a house, college education for the children, a retirement) have changed to become low-wage. The article features the situation of some of Detroit’s auto-workers, it highlighted that new employees can find themselves working opposite long-term colleagues they both do similar jobs yet long term employees earn twice as much. This is called a “two tier” wage structure. This may be okay as a temporary measure in tougher times, it looks a lot like the Hourglass Theory, this situation looks like the permanent shape of things to come.

US Census Bureau released a survey showing that one in six Americans now live in poverty, the highest number ever reported by the organization. It also highlighted that median household incomes had dropped from the previous year, this reflecting the decline of the middle class. However, the richest 20% of the US population now controls 84% of the wealth. So staggeringly unbalanced has the American economy become, the richest 400 American families have the same net worth as the bottom 50% of the entire nation.

So is this by design or just the outcome from many ridiculous and bad economical moves and policies in the US?

We can see that in these so called economic experts have, instead of creating an overarching institution to protect debtors, backed the IMF or S&P  creating an order to protect the creditors. They have essentially declared (against all traditional economic logic) that no debtor should be allowed to default. We see the result of this and it is truly catastrophic to those who fall into the middle class.

Banks continue to receive full government support and are bailed out with billions of dollars; people starve on the streets, homeless figures continue to rise. They have traded the dream for a nightmare; US citizens have been sold into debt slavery. Now we see a convergence of many factors, these come together to create a perfect storm.

(Inequality = Debt = Austerity = Civil Unrest = Inflation + Deflation = Stagflation)

The theories on Agenda 21 and depopulation do not seem so farfetched these days. Plans of condensing the population into super cities and returning much of the planet back to nature have been on the books for a while. Just as with war with nations, we often see a country’s economy attacked first the same could be said for the population. Once we have no money and become completely dependent on the state we are theirs to do with as they please.

All is not lost, self-sufficiency and independence from the systems they have in place is the key to survival.

The Economic Devastation is almost complete. Maybe the World Wild life Fund should be contacted and warned that they need to add yet another endangered species to the list “the middle class American”.

America was once the nation the rest of the world looked up to . . .

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17 thoughts on “It’s good to be American!!

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  3. I am unpopular with some cousins at the moment, as with quite a few of my own countrymen. I have started to question the “serve your country” mentality.
    I am a veteran, like many others, my grand father and father before me, I served a long period of my life. It not only put hairs on my chest, it made me a man. I saw war, it is exciting, frightening and I never want to see it again.

    My point? Bluntly, the approach to armed service now within the US and the UK is fetishistic. Soldiers are glorified for sacrifice, the wounded paraded for media consumption. Rather like a Victorian freak show, we display the horrible injuries sustained. Then Joe public return to TV and pizza.

    Now do not get me wrong, I loved soldiering. I would even take up arms again to defend my country from an invader. I will not support overseas adventures that are criminal in nature. Or the people who voluntarily participate. Yes, volunteer, free will.
    I “listen” to veterans, as part of my life as a Christian man, I understand, it seems to help many come to terms, reach a place of peace within a troubled mind.
    I do not criticise, it was their choice, as it was mine years ago.

    I refuse to defend a lie, a vast lie. Thousands of veterans are being ostracised for this view, on both sides of the pond. Maybe, just as this letter recruiting nurses so blatantly shows, we question the role of a military use for domestic suppression. Maybe we see the propaganda for what it is.

    Free thought is a difficult thing for a military mind, but not impossible to achieve.

    • Hi Cromwell,
      The tides are changing.I have not served in the military but I am from a military town I have many friends currently deployed around world and many that have served.
      I have seen a change in them over the recent years most noticeably in those that have served and returned.
      They, like many others felt the need to protect a country they loved, they bought into the story being sold by the government through the msm.Once they had joined they were keen on the idea of war, a chance to prove their metal and test their training, I can understand this we all try to excel at what do, be that a teacher or a soldier.

      After they had been deployed they majority changed the things they saw the things did left an indelible mark on them as i imagine it is for all servicemen and women in all conflicts.

      To make a comparison, troops returning from World War 2 were heroes they fought to free the world from madman, Vietnam, troops returned home to a barrage of anti war protest but they were still considered soldiers in the hearts of many.Today those who serve are welcomed back as if they have been working on a cruise ship most of the populace are indifferent to the wars we see, they do not even see them as wars.The word “war” has been removed from the politicians vocabulary and now softer terms are used.

      When they do this they detract from the courage that has been shown by those that have served.

      These wars are all about bankster conquest they are not fights against a big evil or a misguided political policy to stall and stop the spread of communism.They have made war into business and those that have served are expended product.They have no use for them unless they can parade a disabled servicemen to garner public support for an up and coming policy change. As you say a freak show!!!

      It is shocking and shows the society we live in today for what it truly is,selfish, uncaring, ignorant and somewhat deserving of the situation we find ourselves in today.It is difficult for people like us and of our ilk who see these things.

  4. Thank you Cheese, you summed it up nicely. We both sing from the same hymn sheet, I know many more do as well.
    We both forgot to mention the parasitic “defence” companies who drain taxpayers money like leeches.
    Perhaps one day many of their like will join the line, the one waiting for the scaffold.

  5. 9/11 ~ 2011 Earthquake & Hurricane Duo ~ 2012 Derecho over DC

    For anyone who fails to see that a Higher Power is speaking to the USA, perhaps now is the time to take a close look at some “OMENs in America” which have occurred since the beginning of the New Millennium. Just because biblical prophets in the style of an Isaiah or Elijah are no longer around to interpret the omens, does not mean that signs and wonders are not happening all about us. As a matter of fact, omens and prophetic signs are occurring in such numbers and with such frequency that it is difficult to keep up with them.Continued below.

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